How to Lose Weight After Abortion: Helpful Tips

Women’s lives are very complicated. Let it be pregnancy or other physical problems. The good news is that in this modern world of science the solution to every problem exists.

One of the challenges that many women face is Abortion. Although Abortion is solely made for the convenience of women it has become controversial.

Due to Abortion, a woman may face many challenges. Psychological and Physiological are all alike. We will discuss the psychological problems later.

If a woman undergoes an abortion she might feel a lot of physical changes. These charges vary from woman to woman though. Some might feel huge body changes others may not feel anything at all.

Physical Changes After Abortion

Changes in Body after abortion

The most common changes faced by ladies after abortion are swelling of legs, fuller breasts, and sensitive nipples.

Despite these changes, there is a change that every woman feels after abortion is ‘Gain in Weight’. This change is thought to be a very big problem among women.

However, the fact is that these all physical changes are normal. This is simply the response of your body to your choice of ‘abortion’.

The body tells that it is totally okay. However, if the changes you feel are severe then I would suggest you seek some medical help.

But if you are worried about your weight and want to reduce it. You can. With maintaining your diet and doing some exercise. But before discussing the diet plan I would like to clear a common misunderstanding.

Some people take abortion and miscarriage-related problems differently. They think that these two things are different. Although these two experiences are totally different.

Abortion is done intentionally (either because of an individual’s choice or due to some health issues) while miscarriage is an incident.

That may happen because of some health issues. But the changes that happen afterward of abortion, as well as miscarriage, are the same. That means, the diet and exercise plans, we are about to discuss can be applied in both situations.

How to lose weight after an abortion?

How to Lose weight after abortion

You can easily manage your weight after abortion if you take care of a few things. First of all, you should watch what you eat.

Your diet is one of the most, if not the most, important things that can either increase or reduce your weight.

The diet plan recommended after abortion is not much rocket science. It is just food that you should eat and the food that you should avoid eating.

What Should You Eat:

You should focus on the nutritional value of the food you eat. You should prepare your diet plan in a way that the number of fruits and vegetables remains high.

Vegies as compare to meat help a lot in maintaining your weight. A couple of cups of milk will also prove to be very efficient.

Another thing that is most important to focus on is taking calcium intake with micrograms of folic acid and multi-vitamin. This diet will help you in reducing your weight and in recovering faster.

What You Should Not Eat:

Try to minimize the number of calories you consume. The consumption of 1500 calories per day would be perfect.

Do not eat oily foods instead turn to baked foods. Avoid eating white rice. But if you are a lover of rice then you can eat brown rice.

But eating white rice will affect your health negatively. Avoid alcohol as well. You should also not drink processed juices. Try to avoid consuming sugar as much as possible.

Please, don’t skip meals:

Please, never ever skip meals. This is the most common mistake that people make who aspire to lose weight. They think that skipping meals will help them in reducing weight.

But the impact is the opposite. If you don’t consume the daily amount of calories needed then your body will start changing the carbohydrates of your body into fat to gain the energy required.

So, instead of reducing weight, you will be gaining it. Food is necessary for our body. It provides the energy that our body requires for a day.

An average person should daily take 2000 calories. However, 1500 calories will be healthy as well after abortion. Food is very important with respect to evolutionary prospects.

Maintain Your Hydration

Another important thing that you must take care of is maintaining your hydration. Keep your body hydrated. Drink a lot of water.

The daily intake of water that an adult requires in order to stay healthy is 8 glasses. You should maintain the same if not more consumption.

Water has too many benefits that it needs another whole article to count them. Water cleans out all toxins from your body. It will make your body look smooth and increase the glow.

You should double the consumption of water if the work you do includes mental effort a lot. It plays a great part in maintaining your physical as well as mental health.

Do Exercise Daily

After diet exercise is the second most important aspect to cover. It will help you in burning calories. Doing exercise will also keep you busy while you heal internally.

Joining a gym will be a healthy choice but you should not do intense workouts. A more efficient choice would be to start with a light workout that doesn’t need much body movement.

For example, cycling, jogging, running, or even dancing. Yes, dancing is a healthy activity as well as entertaining.

Aside from that, you can also attend yoga classes. Yoga does not need much of an intense workout but the benefits it offers are unlimited.

Psychological Challenges After Abortion

Although, the society we live in has progressed a lot in Science. But there are still many topics like abortion that are controversial.

Abortion is not a simple experience. And the women who undergo this experience need a lot of mental support.

So, if you have undergone such an experience you should talk to someone who is close to you and understands your problems.

However, if you know someone who has undergone this experience then you should talk to her and support her mentally. It may seem very little but the benefit it will do to her will be immense.


I hope that this article will help you to cope with the problems you face after abortion. Never put pressure on yourself.

You can also ask the professional help of a doctor if you think that the problem is severe. However, in most cases, things get back to normal on their own.

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