[Top 12] Best Yoga Poses for Good Posture at Home [2021]

Yoga poses for good posture

More than just a residence, your home is also a refuge. It’s where you let down your hair, put up your feet, and find shelter from life’s storms. In the privacy, comfort, and security of your home, your yoga practice can blossom. This article is geared toward helping you bring the teachings of yoga home, … Read more

[17] Best Yoga Poses for Shoulders Pain: Detailed Guide 2021

Yoga Poses for Shoulder Pain

Yoga is more than just another way to exercise your body and mind – it is a series of physical positions or stretches with Indian/Hindu roots. These “asanas” or “poses” (the English translation) can have a positive impact on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. They are widely understood to increase the energy flow throughout … Read more