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About Healhow

I started Heal How as part of my weight loss journey. Many people start their goal to lose weight but are unable to keep up with the work required. They lose motivation to achieve their goal.

The thing which helped me to stay motivated, I started sharing on my blog Healhow.com and this is a great way to stay consistent and don’t quit. 

I generally write successful weight loss stories of famous people who have a huge influence on their fans. And I believe this will help normal people to stay focus on their journey. 

About Author

Hi, My name is George Wilson. I wanted to start my weight loss journey. Then I started researching different techniques to lose weight. I read a lot of articles and books to know which is the best direction.

So I was eating healthy and make the time of doing a few workouts every day. But after some, I started procrastinating and didn’t have any motivation to keep up with my journey. And then I came across successful weight loss stories of people who didn’t give up and lost noticeable weight in their journey.

I started feeling motivated after reading these success stories. And to this, I still feel motivated and doing my workouts daily. 

I hope these articles will help you to lose weight and improve your life.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.