(Salvage Hunters) John Tee Weight Loss [2021] Diet, Workout, Journey

John Tee from salvage hunters gone through weight loss. If you do watch Salvage Hunters show regularly then you might saw the difference in the appearance of John Tee.  

John tee is an architectural antique dealer and one of the stars of Salvage Hunters. He is best know for his appearance in Salvage Hunters (2011). 

Tee John Before weight loss 4

Many people are searching for how did John Tee lost weight and which things help him to lose so much weight. 

Let’s find out.

Weight Loss Journey

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Tee was overweight because of his eating habits. And he didn’t give much attention to what he was eating and drinking. As he was busy in his professional life and doing very well. But after some point, he had some health issues. Doctors recommended him to take care of his health. Then Tee started focusing on his health and become a healthy person. 

How did tee lose weight?

Tee John Before Weight Loss

Of course, there were a lot of obstacles that he had to overcome. There was no time for him to follow any diet and do the workouts daily.

But he didn’t give up, Doctors advised him to eat healthy as possible and do exercise regularly. 

So John started planing his workout routine and hired a professional trainer which helped him to get better results for his efforts. 

Let’s talk about John Tee Diet Plan:

Diet Plan

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Tee did publicly talk about his weight loss journey. He didn’t reveal anything about his weight loss. But we have gone through all the possible ways to find as much information as possible. Tee didn’t follow any strict diet plan. He just reduce the amount of food he was eating. 

His simple trick was to drink water before eating anything. So drinking water before eating didn’t make him much hungry and he eat less food. And this works for him. 

Workout Plan

John Tee Weight Loss Journey

Tee John workout is also simple as his diet. He didn’t have any insane workout routine. Tee’s plan was to do exercise regularly. It doesn’t matter if the exercise is hard or easy. Tee followed different exercises and continued the easy one. 

So you if you are also struggling with a workout routine. Just start with an easy one and do it consistently, don’t worry about results. It takes a lot of time for John Tee to lose weight but he enjoyed his journey. Because it was easy for him to follow. 

Before & After

Tee John Before and After weight loss

As you can see in the first picture how overweight he was. But after doing a lot of work and overcoming all the obstacles, He is now healthy and fit. 

Where is john tee now

Tee John Pic

John tee now living a healthy life and still working in the show Salvage Hunters. He is now happier than ever. 

About Salvage Hunters

Salvage Hunters is a British television program. Shows main star is Drew Pritchard. He travels throughout the counter to find some best antiques from different shops. And resell those on his shop or online.

John Tee worth

John Tee net worth is unknown but according to some online sources, the value of his current assets is around 4-5 million pounds.

Final Words 

John is working in Salvage Hunter brand new series. After accomplishing a lot of things. He still continues his daily routine of good habits to keep his lifestyle healthy and happy. Tee journey is also one of the inspirational journeys among other celebrities. There are many celebrities like Jeff Mauro, Doc Shaw, Billy Gardell and Sandi Toksvig who also lost weight in order to make their lifestyle healthy.

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