Adam Lambert's Net Worth, Professional Life, Bio, Facts, & More Adam Lambert's Net Worth, Professional Life, Bio, Facts, & More

Adam Lambert’s Net Worth, Professional Life, Bio, Facts, & More

Adam Lambert is no one other than the American singer-songwriter and actor. Let’s read further about Adam, his life, career, fame, net worth, social media presence, facts, and much more.

Short Bio

Adam was born on 29 January 1982 in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America. He is the son of Eber Lambert and Leila Lambert. His father is of partly Norwegian descent and his mother is of Jewish descent. His mother was a dental hygienist and his father was a program manager. He attended Mesa Verde Middle School and then Mount Carmel High School. Later, he attended California State University.


Adam started his career by performing on a cruise ship. He later performed in light opera in Orange County. Later, he signed a contract to be cast in the European tour of Hair. Then he appeared in Theatre Under Stars. Later, he auditioned for American Idol season eight. Adam released his debut solo album For Your Entertainment in 2009 and later in 2009 he also released his second solo album Whataya Want from Me after his first album was unsuccessful. He releases songs and albums in the genres of Pop, Pop Rock, Dance, and Electronic. He recorded the albums under the labels of 19, RCA, Warner, Empire, Warner Music Group/ EastWest. He recently released an album titled High Drama in 2023.

Social Media Presence

As per our knowledge and research, it is believed that Adam is currently available on social media platforms. Adam is currently active on Instagram. By looking at his Instagram profile, we can infer that Adam is a very fashionable and trendy person. He has a very glamorous and lavish lifestyle. He has approximately 2 million followers and he follows more than 3 thousand profiles on Instagram. Besides being active on Instagram, Adam is available on other social media platforms like X, formerly Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Personal and Love Life

Adam is gay by sexuality. He started dating Finnish entertainment reporter and reality TV personality Sauli Koskinen in 2010. They lived happily together and supported each other in this relationship. Unfortunately, due to some differences in the relationship they both separated in 2013.

Later, Adam dated model Javi Costa Polo from March 2019 to November 2019. They both separated due to differences in the relationship.

Then in 2021, Adam started dating Oliver Gliese. They both have been living together happily in the relationship for the past 2 years.

Net Worth

As per our research and knowledge, it is estimated that Adam has a net worth of more than $45 million. He has earned this much amount of net worth due to his dedication and passion for music.

Why Is He So Famous?

Adam is famous among the netizens as well as the public. Adam is famous because he is a singer, songwriter, and actor. His notable works have attracted him more followers. He lives in the limelight and media. So these are a few reasons why he is so famous among the netizens as well as the public.


Adam is a successful and loving celebrity. He is successful in his career and life. He is loving and caring for his partner. Adam is a great advocate of LGBTQ+ rights and movements. He is gay by sexuality.