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David Choe Net Worth, Profession, Career, & More

David Choe is a former American journalist, actor, musician, artist, and podcast host. Read further to know more about this talented personality and discover what makes him famous.

Personal Life

David Choe was born on April 21, 1976, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. Both of David’s parents were Korean immigrants who were also born-again Christians. He had been raised in Koreatown, Los Angeles for most of his childhood. He completed his education at the California College of Arts. He is widely known for his murals, graffiti artwork, and graphic novels.


David had a keen interest in art ever since his childhood days, he would often engage in street wall painting during his teenage years. In 1996, David published a graphic novel titled ‘Slow Jams’. Initially, only 200 copies were made and given away at Comic-Con to interest a publisher. Much later he was paid 5000 US dollars to republish it, these copies came with a cover price of 4 US dollars. In 2005, David was asked to paint murals at the Facebook Office in Silicon Valley, for which he asked for payment in the form of company stock. He was granted it and his stocks were valued at 200 million US dollars in 2012 at Facebook’s IPO. After this, he hosted several solo shows in several cities like New York, San Jose, and San Francisco. His first UK solo exhibition was titled ‘Murderous Heart’ and was held at Lazarides Gallery in London and Newcastle. In 2005, an autobiographical film was released titled ‘Dirty Hands: The Arts and Crimes of David Choe’, which was directed by Harry Kim.

David then began working for a Canadian-American Magazine called ‘Vice’ where he wrote and did artwork for the magazine. The magazine also released an online series called ‘Thumbs Up’ which features Harry Kim and David Choe hitchhiking and traveling from city to city.

Post 2013, onwards his art displayed heavy themes of trauma, self-reflection, and hope for recovery.  During this time, he was also hosting a podcast titled ‘DVDASA’. In recent times, he began his acting career with the Netflix miniseries ‘Beef’, where he plays the role of Issac Cho.


Post his debut in ‘Beef’, he received backlash for his comment in 2014 about engaging in sexual behavior with a masseuse without her consent.

Net Worth

David Choe has a net worth of 300 million US dollars. He is known to be the 5th richest artist. It is reported that 90% of his network is generated from the auctions of his paintings and art projects. Each of his paintings is roughly estimated to be sold at a price range of 199 US dollars – 32 thousand US dollars. His deal with Facebook is what made his net worth shoot up to millions.

Facts about David Cho

  • David Cho’s parents’ real estate business was burned down due to a riot in Los Angeles. Because of this, the family had moved from country to country causing David to drop out of high school.
  • David Cho’s best friend is Harry Kim, who also directed David’s autobiographical film.


Most of David’s life is a private affair, what one knows of him is through his artwork and podcasts. He is a talented individual who has paved his path to success despite times of hardship.