A Radiator To Match Your Home Vibe A Radiator To Match Your Home Vibe

How To Choose A Radiator To Match Your Home Vibe

Radiators don’t have to be purely functional; while, yes, their key application is to heat the home, they can also serve as a stylish piece of decor  – and can even be a central piece!

Buying a stylish radiator can really improve a living space, whether that’s choosing something sleek, which slots nicely into a modern space, or something that stands out in a way that enhances a retro or rustic home decor.

Wondering how to choose your radiator? You’re in luck, as we have covered the key considerations to help you heat your home in a way that not only keeps your aesthetic intact, it enhances it.

Choosing the right radiator type for optimal efficiency and style

So you’ve got a new home, or are redecorating your current one.  While the radiators might not be the first thing that you think about – and indeed is often an afterthought for many – choosing the right style can really finish off a room.

The best way to approach your radiator choice is by considering what you need, and then considering what you want.

If there’s a radiator that ticks both of those boxes, that’s great! Job done!

However, sometimes you’ll need to consider needs over wants. For example, if you have a large room, you might need a radiator with a higher output, which limits your options.

Likewise, if you’re working to a budget, you may have to get something more cost effective.

Any which way, there’s a style for everyone – from a retro Elizabethan radiator to a flat minimalist designer option.  Once you have a budget and heating requirements in mind, you can set filters on your preferred style when shopping to see what’s available.

Size matters: the right fit for your space

Think carefully about the layout of the room that you’re buying a radiator for.

Do you have lots of windows? If so a standard radiator might look a bit clunky and will be tricky to fit in – maybe consider a vertical option. Alternatively, if you have a low roof, but want to use your wall space for pictures and you want functional heating that doesn’t impair that, get an under-the-window radiator.

An eco-friendly style

Nothing’s more stylish than being eco-friendly!

Well, maybe that doesn’t ring true for everyone, but just because you want to have an eco-friendly heating option doesn’t mean you should compromise on style.

People tend to think that more environmentally friendly radiators tend to be plain white boring fixtures, but if you shop around you’ll find loads of different styles, sizes and finishes. From matte and flat to a chrome column number, there are still loads of options out there for those looking for environmentally friendly radiators.

Choosing radiator colour

Radiators don’t have to be boring bland shades of white, grey and black – nowadays there’s a huge range of radiator colours which will allow your heating to compliment your room.

you could also have it painted or paint it in a way that blends in with your wall, if that strikes your fancy. Or a matte finish could also give off that sleek integrated look.

Or, if you want it to stick out, consider a striking finish, such as bronze, which will really compliment a more old-fashion-styled living space.

Integrating radiators into your interior design

Making a radiator work in line with your interior design is an easy process.

All you have to do is avoid the common mistake which too many people make – not considering your radiator before you’ve made your mind up on aesthetics. If you make that mistake you’ll find yourself trying to slot a radiator into what is essentially an already completed room.

Instead, make it a key piece, like the furniture and key pieces of decor like curtains and windows. That will help you produce a cohesive look that will make your living space one that your guests will remember!