Iconic Bridgerton Hairstyles to Rock in 2024: Embracing Modern Royalty Iconic Bridgerton Hairstyles to Rock in 2024: Embracing Modern Royalty

Iconic Bridgerton Hairstyles to Rock in 2024: Embracing Modern Royalty

The latest Netflix series called “Bridgerton” also became the subject of extensive discussions, not only because of its interesting plot and historical costumes but also because it gave people new hair trends and inspiration. 

Another factor that has left many enamored by the show is the way the characters style their hair, mostly the female characters; the hairstyles are both detailed and royal. In this article, let us discuss some of the famous Bridgerton hairstyles that you can try on in 2024 if you want to achieve that modern royalty look.

Bridgerton Hair, Get the Look with Regency Curls

Some of the most recognized hairstyles from Bridgerton are the Regency Curls, which are loose curls at the front and shoulders. This is a beautiful hairstyle that displays women’s beauty and class, and that is why it is appropriate for a formal occasion. 

Also, to achieve that modern royalty look, one may use a hair curling iron and a volumizing mousse to give the hair a soft curl that resembles the romantic age of the Regency period.

Braids for a Regal Look 2024 Edition

To achieve a more elaborate and complex hairstyle, the braided updo that has appeared in the Bridgerton series is ideal. This hairstyle involves twisting the hair into a basic updo and then having extremely complicated braids woven into the hair to give it a noble look. 

For the trend of 2024, incorporating a textured spray and bobby pins into a more contemporary approach to the classic braids and bump-ups ‘will add a hint of romantic flare to your look.

Effortless Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle

The half-up, half-down haircut is one of the most adaptable looks with a retro vibe, and it was inspired by the themes of the Bridgerton performance. This style involves using a comb to create a part on the scalp and leaving most of the hair loose in waves or curls.

They have to achieve that modern royalty look in this hairstyle. You can use a curling wand and a tiny hair accessory to bring a contemporary touch to the hairstyle, capturing the feel of the romantic period drama we see in English literature.

Rock a Crown Braid Like Bridgerton

The crown braid, as popularized by Bridgerton, is an elegant and magical hairstyle for the royal lookalikes out there. This intricate braid goes around the head like a crown; it will go well with formal gowns and other formal dressings.

For this hairstyle in 2024, one can use the hair serum to make the hair smooth and apply the hair spray to make the crown braid modern and polished.

Feathered Bangs Inspired by Bridgerton

Long, curtain-like bangs a la Bridgerton characters are a playful yet classy addition to any haircut. Also, when it is curled, feathered bangs are a versatile style that can go with random curls or an updo while framing the face smartly yet playfully. 

For this to achieve that modern royalty look, flat ironing, and volumizing hairspray can be used to draw soft and feathered bangs that accompany the hairstyle.

Hair Adornments Inspired by Bridgerton

The Bridgerton period’s hair ornamentation also requires including elegant pieces in your hair that give your style a royal and stylish flair. These accessories range from hairpins to hair clips and can be used to accentuate any hairstyle and bring royalty to your appearance. 

To incorporate this trend, one may have to add some hair accessories and trinkets to the hair and make it look as luxurious as the Bridgerton period.

Effortless Side-Swept Waves Look

Bridgerton inspired bold side-swept waves, which are aesthetically very clean and elegant and very easy to reproduce. This style requires brushing and making big, loose ringlets to the side for a very romantic appearance. 

For to achieve that modern royalty look, it’s possible to use a curling wand and a finishing spray that will give famous modern waves that recall the romantic era.


Bridgerton’s hairstyles have become popular and desirable among those who want to add a little bit of contemporary glamour to their daily lifestyle. From the regency curls to the complex braid updos or the hair accessories touched in Bridgerton, we have seen timeless and royal vibes here, which are all epochless.

By incorporating these hairstyles and products to achieve that modern royalty look, you can bring a little bit of romance and sophistication to your hair looks to emulate the beauty of the Bridgerton era in 2024.