Jojo Siwa's Net Worth Jojo Siwa's Net Worth

Jojo Siwa’s Net Worth, YouTube Family and Career

Jojo Siwa is among the young millionaires making it big in the entertainment industry alongside sales. The 21-year-old has managed to beat the odds and become a celebrity courtesy of her talent in dancing and film. Moreover, it’s through her talent and sales tactics that she quickly started earning at a young age and became a millionaire. Jojo earns an estimated $8 million yearly and has over $20 million net worth. So, who is Jojo Siwa, and how does she make her wealth?

Meet Jojo Siwa

Numerous things put teenagers into the limelight. For Jojo Siwa, she is best recognized for being a multi-talented young American. Her talents include being a model, dancer, actress, singer, and reality TV personality. Combining all her skills and passion, she has joined the millionaire category, and her net worth keeps growing.

Jojo Siwa was born on may 19, 2003. Her birth place is Omaha, Nebraska, making her an American. As a young girl, Jojo was into different music video challenges. At one point, she took on the “Boomerang” and “I Can Make U Dance” challenges and did an excellent dance. Her videos quickly went viral, and Jojo ended up in the limelight.

Jojo’s YouTube Family

As a dancer, it’s not a surprise that Jojo has a YouTube family. The exciting part is how she has managed to keep her subscribers engaged, bringing her over 12 million subscribers.

Jojo has mastered creating videos that gain hundreds of millions of views. This large video consumption brings her considerable returns in the revenue collected from her channel. YouTube alone can sustain her even without considering other ways and platforms she uses to make money.

Jojo As a Sales Person

Sales has been occasionally talked about as being one way of making millions. She sells bow ties, and her massive following makes sit an easy pitch for her. Reports show that Jojo has made over 40 million bow tie sales.

With an estimated revenue of $2.5 per bow, which is about 20%, Jojo makes around $8 million yearly. For most people, these numbers sound unachievable. Still, when you are a good dancer, active on your social media, and have a loyal following, Jojo is an example of that being possible.

Career and Net Worth

Jojo’s career revolves around being in the limelight. She is a YouTuber and a dancer. Thanks to her multi-talents, Jojo has landed roles in different TV shows. Some of the TV shows include “Ultimate Halloween Costume Party,” “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” “America’s Got Talent,” “High School Musical,” “SpongeBob and SquarePants,” etc.

Jojo’s fame met her after she appeared on “Dance Moms,” as it helped nurture her online family via YouTube. Based on the numerous income ventures that Jojo has, her net worth is estimated to be over $20 million.

Jojo bought her first real estate in 2020, a $3.5 million home in LA, and her YouTube family was given a grand tour. She was 16 years old by then.