Rick Rubin's Net Worth Rick Rubin's Net Worth

Rick Rubin’s Net Worth, Career Milestones and Growth

Rick Rubin has been widely known for wearing four hats: a record producer, a singer, a rapper, and a keyboard player. Rick is an American national born in 1963, and he is respected for having a net worth of over $300 million. How did he earn all this wealth? By the end of today’s post, you will have understood everything about Rick Rubin’s net worth.

Who is Rick Rubin?

Rick Rubin, whose birth name is Frederick Jay Rubin, was born on March 10, 1963. His birthplace is Long Beach, New York. He is the son of Michael and Linda. Rick Rubin worked extra hard to put himself in the millionaire category, and his net worth keeps increasing.

A bit about Rick’s personal life is that he stayed vegan for over 20 years but later onboard meat. He dated and married Mourielle Hurtado, a former actress. The couple have a son, Ra. However, they have shielded their information from the public. Rick Rubin enjoys professional wrestling and is a fan of different wrestlers. For instance, he supported wrestler Jim Cornette from 1991 to 1995.

Rick Rubin’s Early Career Development

Rick realized that he had a talent when he was at Long Beach High School. He joined a band where he played keyboard. He then created his band, “The Pricks.” His experience running the band helped him form Def Jam Records during his senior year.

Rick also started the punk band Hose, and his Def Jam Records released one of the band’s tracks in 1982. Rick worked hard in his skill, and his punk band Hose was actively engaged in the New York City punk scene. He even went on tour in California and engaged other bands to spice things up, creating a hip-hop love in him.

Career Milestones and Growth

Rick held on to his Def Jam Records, and during his time at New York University, things started taking another level. Rick already had a team, including Rubin and Simmons. However, he scouted for other rappers in different locations, including Brooklyn and Long Island.

His quest enabled him to sign “Public Enemy,” a hip-hop group. Rick was also involved in helping other bands and supporting rising talents. A notable characteristic about Rick is how he could comfortably switch between rock and rap music.

His notable projects include working with the band Slayer, focusing on metal. The metal band released the “Reign in Blood” album in 1986. Rick also produced the “Electric” album in 1986. He also co-wrote the “Tougher Than Leather” Run-DMC film in 1988.

Rick’s Net Worth

One lovable fact about Rick Rubin is how consistent he has been with his career. He started early in high school and created a lucrative career. With a net worth of $300 million, Rick spends his wealth in different ways.

One way is in real estate. He owns several properties, and he started acquiring them in the 90s. For instance, he purchased a $2 million property in Los Angeles in 1992. He has other properties; only some of his investments are publicly known.