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Tisha Campbell Net Worth: What is the Source of Her Net Worth?

Tisha Campbell is an actress who has gained the limelight because of her various roles. Tisha has been acting for decades which has made a name for herself. After she made a name for herself in acting, she leveraged her fame, venturing into music and business.

Tisha ‘s net worth as of 2024 is estimated at $700,000. She has acquired her money through her roles in the entertainment industry and her venture into businesses.

Tisha’s versatility has been the main driving force for her net worth. She has shown resilience and determination to succeed, explaining how she has managed to double as an actor, singer, and businesswoman.

Tisha Campbell Career

Tisha started acting at a young age. Among her earliest films is School Dae, which was filmed in 1988, showcasing her skills as a talented actress. She was also featured in House Party, establishing her career as a successful figure in the comedy and music genres.

Tisha became even more famous after she was cast as a leading member of the sitcom Martin. Tisha acted as Gina Waters-Payne, and she featured in many seasons of the film. In the movie, Martin Lawrence was her co-star, but she filed a lawsuit against them for allegations of sexual harassment.

Due to the lawsuit, Tisha missed many episodes of season five, but she returned later after the lawsuit was settled. Although she returned to the sitcom, she gave conditions. The actress agreed with the company to return as an actress but did not want to share any scenes with Martin.

Besides having a successful film career, Tisha has continued building a name for herself in television. She has had roles in Empire and appeared as a guest on several shows.

What is the Source of Tisha’s Net Worth?

Despite Tisha having a career spanning many years, she filed for bankruptcy a few years back. Tisha and her husband filed for bankruptcy in 2016, two years before officially divorced.

In the filing, the couple had a debt of 415.1 million with a few assets of $313,000. The assets the couple listed indicated that they had real estate worth $65,000 and personal property of $248,000.

The couple further indicated they earned a monthly of $7,655 while they had a monthly expenditure of about $17,000. The couple had high-end vehicles tied to their name, but their debt was too much for them.

Moreover, details further indicated that Tisha and her husband could not pay taxes, meaning they had thousands of dollars in taxes but had not paid.

Tisha Campbell Marriage

Tisha married actor Duane Martin, and they remained married for two decades. The couple walked down the aisle in 1996 and welcomed two children, but their marriage was surrounded by many debts, which saw them lose so much property.

Tisha’s divorce from Martin was finalized in 2018 by the court, and neither of them was to offer another child support. This was attributed to their too much debt, which forced them to sell their home.