Breast Lift Options: With and Without Augmentation Breast Lift Options: With and Without Augmentation

Breast Lift Options: With and Without Augmentation

While many women who want to enhance their look choose a breast augmentation, some only want to have their natural breasts lifted. Both can be good options depending on the size of your breasts and other factors. To decide which is right for you, it’s important to ask questions and make sure you’re working with a surgeon you trust. Here’s what to consider when deciding whether a breast lift alone, or with augmentation, is right for you.

What Is a Breast Lift?

According to professionals such as Dr. Joel Aronowitz a breast lift involves lifting the current breast tissue to sit higher on the chest. Generally, the areola and nipple are also removed and repositioned, and a lift can be done with or without breast augmentation. This procedure is often performed on women who’ve had several children, especially if they breastfed, and on older women whose breasts may have sagged over time. They can be lifted back up for a more youthful appearance.

When Is Augmentation Recommended?

Augmentation is often recommended during a lift for any woman who doesn’t have a lot of breast tissue or body fat, since the breast may not have much fullness even after a lift. However, if all you want is a lift you don’t have to have augmentation at the same time. As long as you understand that you might not have fullness in your breasts after the procedure, you can have them lifted without adding implants if that’s what you want and your surgeon agrees to the procedure.

What Should You Ask Your Surgeon?

When you get in touch with Joel Aronowitz MD or another plastic surgeon for your breast lift procedure, with or without plans for augmentation, make sure you ask questions. It’s important to know the risks of the procedure, how long it might take you to heal from it, and what you can and should expect the results to look like. Getting your questions answered is a very important part of any medical procedure, and your surgeon should be willing to address any questions or concerns you have.

What Does Healing Look Like?

Healing from a breast lift will take a few weeks, whether or not you have augmentation done at the same time. You may need someone to help you with basic daily tasks for a few days, and you’ll want to follow all your doctor’s instructions for healing and care. That can reduce any infection risk and help you get the best results from your procedure, so you can heal up and enjoy your new look more fully.