Geena Davis Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Body Measurement

Geena is an American actress, activist, producer, and former model. Throughout her acting career, Geena has won various accolades.

The most noticeable ones are the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award. Davis has also received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for her work against gender bias.

Besides her remarkable talent for acting and her services in humanitarian activities, Geena is also famous for something else. Throughout her career, Davis has kept herself in a healthy shape and has lived a healthy life.

She just loves a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. Owing to her fitness, Davis had almost qualified for the archery team of the US in 1999.

She was one of the 300 women who had vied to participate in the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics. Geena came at number 24.

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How does Davis Stay Fit?

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It is the question that Davis’ fans ask most of the time. Well, Geena stays fit because she keeps health her first priority.

She engages in sports and eats healthy food. Geena doesn’t want obesity to keep her back. Here are a few things that Davis does to remain healthy.

1. Eat Healthy Food

Healthy food is at the top of her priority list because food plays a crucial role in our health. Yes, food is our daily need but we should make sure that this daily need doesn’t become an addiction. Because that is where the trouble begins. 

Even though Geena is not a big fan of following a diet plan, she does take care of what kind of food she is putting in her stomach. Unless it is a rare occasion or a night out with friends, Geena eats homemade food with her family.

She also ensures that she doesn’t consume too much sugar as it can fuel weight gain. Geena eats vegetables, chicken, fruits, fish, and nuts. This healthy diet helps her in staying fit and healthy.

2. Engaging in Sports

Geena Davis weight loss

Davis loves sports. Besides arrow shooting, her favorite sports are tennis, taekwondo, rowing, and ice skating. As you can see that all of these sports include a lot of moving and effort, which helps Davis stay in shape.

While at the same time enjoying time with her friends and sporting, she burns a lot of calories which helps her in living a healthy life. Sports are a good way of staying fit and healthy if you don’t want to go to the gym.

3. Doing Exercise and Practicing Yoga

Along with sports, Davis also does different exercises in the gym. She does different cardio workouts such as weight lifting, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats, crunches, and cycling. That is why even at the age of 60, Davis lives a healthy life.

Along with exercising, Davis also practices the ancient practice of Yoga. It helps her achieve peace of mind and gives her an escape from her daily busy schedule. 

4. Don’t Fall for Traps

In today’s modern world, it is hard or you can say impossible to not see any kind of advertisements. No matter whether you are driving the car, using social media, walking, or shopping, there is always a billboard, an ad, or a poster advertising different things. 

Now, it is not only clothes, cars, and mobile phones that are being advertised but food as well. It is nearly impossible to find a neighborhood that doesn’t have an ad on a billboard for any fast food restaurant.

So, if you are trying to live healthily and stay away from all unhealthy food there is always a temptation.

The only effective way of fighting these temptations is to make your power of will more resistant and strong. Geena knows this perfectly, Through practicing abstinence from all unhealthy stuff, she has built a very strong power of will that helps her not fall for these traps.

Body Measurements

Geena Davis weight loss

By following a healthy lifestyle, Geena has kept her weight to a healthy number of 145 pounds (66 kgs). The height of the Academy Award-winning actress is 6 ft (1.83 m).

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Final Words

If you want to live a healthy life, there is nothing on earth that can stop you. The only requirement, as Davis has shown us, is that you must be determined and consistent in your way of living.

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