Gina Rodriguez Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Before and After

The American actress and TV producer rose to fame after she played the leading role of Jane in The CW’s romantic drama series, Jane the Virgin. Her performance in the show was so brilliant that she won a Golden Globe Award. Gina’s acting career includes some very famous movies such as Filly Brown, Annihilation, Miss Baba, and Deepwater Horizon.

Soon after coming into the film industry, Rodriguez became a role model for young women. The most famous reason why Gina won the hearts of ladies was that she always feel comfortable with the way she is. She doesn’t care what others think about her body as long as she thinks it’s okay.

Gina Rodriguez weight loss

Gina is one of those female celebrities who have played a great role in getting Hollywood to accept that beauty comes in all forms and shapes. However, Rodriquez’s own career started somewhat unbelievably.

When she was cast for Jane the Virgin, Gina thought that her body might become a problem so she tried to lose weight. But the head of the network had totally opposite reaction. Here is how Gina described the situation;

“After Jane shot the pilot and we got picked up, I got the hardcore flu. I lost 15 pounds and I’m Puerto Rican, you don’t lose 15 pounds. I was emaciated.” She further said, “The head of my network and the show creator sit me down, and they were like, ‘Why have you lost weight? You know we love you the way you are. The way you were was perfect.’”

Rodriguez remembered the moment, “What a beautiful world to live in where they loved me for who I was.” This gave Gina’s confidence a boost. She embarked on the journey to get other women to accept their true selves and don’t torture themselves for the beauty standard

Why did Gina Lose Weight?

Gina Rodriguez weight loss

Most recently, Gina surprised everyone with her slimmer figure. Her weight loss became one of the trending topics on the internet among Hollywood fans. While her fans were supporting Rodriguez on her decision of slimming down, there were critics as well.

The most frequent question that Gina got asked was ‘Why did you lose weight if you were comfortable with yourself?’ Now, of course, this question doesn’t make much sense but Gina, as always, tried to clear the confusion among her fans.

She was never in the support of obesity or not living healthily. Rather, Rodriguez fought against fat-shaming and supported women who couldn’t take their place in Hollywood just because of how they looked. As for her weight loss, she did it for her health.

Gina lost weight because she was suffering from Hashimoto’s disease. Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid gland. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland below the adam’s apple. Hashimoto’s disease affects a lot of body functions.

Besides affecting body functions, Hashimoto’s disease also causes weight gain. Even though it is mostly salt and water weight, it does slow down your body. To fight this sudden gain in her body, Gina embarked on the journey to lose weight.

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How did Gina Lose Weight?

Gina lost weight by sticking to a single disciplined daily routine. She didn’t change her diet for two whole months. Besides controlling what she ate, Gina also took full care of how many calories she burned. Here is her daily weight loss routine;

Gina’s Diet Plan

The step Gina took for adopting a new diet plan was that she eliminated all kinds of processed and junk food from her refrigerator and from her kitchen. She just got it out of her house. When we try to restrain ourselves from something that we used to do, it seems that we are punishing ourselves. And when there is that prohibited thing in front of you, then it sure feels like a punishment.

Another thing is temptation. So, if Gina was on her healthy diet, and whenever she opened the fridge and there was a pizza looking right at her, it surely would have been very difficult or even impossible to stick to a healthy diet plan. After getting rid of unhealthy food, she started following her new diet plan.

Rodriquez’s diet includes lots of veggies, fruits, dry fruits, salad, lean meat, green tea, veggies and fruit juice, protein shake, and chicken. This healthy combination of foods helped Gina in reducing her weight and get her back in shape.

Gina’s Workout Plan

For her workout plan, Rodriguez went fully committed. She joined a gym in her neighborhood which she visited 5 days a week, leaving weekends only. She did a cardio workout for an hour in the gym.

Besides working out in the gym, Gina also practiced Muay Thai a lot. Muay Thai is a martial art and combat sport that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. In her interview with Shape magazine, talking about sports, Gina said:

“I’m the strongest I’ve ever been. Doing Muay Thai taught me so much about my body. Now I view it as an engine that keeps me active and healthy.” While advising other women, Gina said, “I am leaving my dream. I want to say to women who are reading this story, try anything you want. You are strong and durable. You’ve got this.”

Besides Muay That, Gina has also started rock climbing which is the best and most fun way of burning calories. She posted a video on her Insta account captioning, “New Hobby found”.

Before & After Weight Loss

Gina Rodriguez before after weight loss

Following that daily weight loss routine, helped Rodriguez a lot. By the end of the two months of living healthily, Gina had slimmed down by 20 pounds. Her current weight is 116 pounds, an ideal figure. However, before the weight loss journey, she weighed around 140 pounds.

After facing a lot of criticism, the Aussie actress, Danielle Macdonald, has shocked her fans and critics as well by losing 30 pounds.

Final Words

Gina is still fighting Hashimoto’s disease, however, she is much much better than before. The improvement she has brought in her life is mostly because of her drastic weight loss over the months. You have to stand up for yourself when your health is on the stake, no matter what others say.

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