Michael Vick's Net Worth Michael Vick's Net Worth

Michael Vick’s Net Worth, Early Life and Career

Michael Vick is a name that hit the headlines for different reasons, from being a respected athlete to a jail sentence, bankruptcy, and a career comeback. Michael Nick is a professional American football player based in the United States of America. With a net worth of $16 million, Michael gets a spot among the richest athletes and this post shares more about his career, net worth, legal issues, bankruptcy, etc.

Early Life of Michael Vick

Michael Vick was born on July 26, 1980. He is an American national born in Newport News. Currently, Michael is a retired NFL player. His fame is attributed to his playing for the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons.

Michael started his interest in American football during his college years. He had a noticeable time, and after college, his skills led him to get selected by the Falcons in 2001 as the overall pick for the NFL Draft.

While playing for the Falcons, Vick was a quarterback, and he managed to break different records during his career. For instance, he was the first NFL quarterback to rush over 1000 yards in one season.

Furthermore, he completed his career with 6109 rushing yards, breaking another record.

Career as an NFL Player

we’ve already mentioned how skilled Vick was and his determination to break different records. Still, in his career, Vick faced legal issues that nearly jeopardized it. He was jailed for 21 months. His legal issues halted his fame due to the break, but after coming out, he was still into the sport and was lucky to get a second chance.

Michael welcomed the opportunity and went ahead to demonstrate better performance. His determination after prison was recognized among the best iconic career comebacks, especially since he was bankrupt and regained millionaire status.

Legal Issues Faced by Michael Vick

Michael Vick couldn’t stay out of trouble even as a professional athlete. He has been charged with different mistakes and faced multiple legal issues. He has been arrested for marijuana distribution. In 2005, Vick was sued by a woman for infecting her with STD.

He also got fined $10,000 for giving fans the middle finger. After Michael was linked with staging dog fights, things went from bad to worse. A search warrant was obtained and executed. Marijuana and evidence of him staging dog fights were found.

Nick was sentenced to 3 years and served only 21 months from 2008 to early 2009.

Net Worth and Bankruptcy

Michael Vick has a net worth of $16 million. However, he has had different financial crises. Michael declared bankruptcy and owed $18 million to creditors. He made numerous financial management errors that put him into huge debts, forcing him to declare a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Coupled with his jail time, Michael went further into the dip. However, when he was released, he got a second chance in his career and landed lucrative contracts. This opportunity allowed him to turn around his life, and he is now retired with over $16 million in net worth.