Spike Lee's Net Worth And Career Highlights Spike Lee's Net Worth And Career Highlights

Spike Lee’s Net Worth And Career Highlights

Spike Lee is popularly known for being a successful American movie director. He is also a producer, actor, and writer. Spike Lee hit the headlines for writing and directing hit films such as “Jungle Fever”, “Malcolm X(1992)”, and “Do the Right Thing(1989).”

Today’s post shares more insights about Spike Lee’s net worth. We will discuss his early life and then focus on his career to understand how he became worth $60 million. Let’s begin!

Who is Spike Lee?

Spike is an American born on March 20, 1957. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and his birth name is Shelton Jackson Lee. He is the son of Jacqueline (mother) and William (father). His mother taught arts and black literature, while his father was a jazz musician and composer.

Spike was brought up alongside three siblings: David, Joie, and Cinque. He earned the name Spike after his mother nicknamed it to him at a young age. While he was still a young kid, his parents relocated to Brooklyn.

Spike attended Brooklyn’s John Dewy High School, and after graduating, he joined Morehouse College in Atlanta to pursue mass communication. During his time at the college, he came up with “Last Hustle in Brooklyn.” It was his first student film, and it went a long way in shaping his destiny.

After getting his B.A. in mass communication, Spike obtained a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in film and TV. He obtained it from the Tisch School of Arts based in New York.

Career Highlights of Spike Lee

Although his first student film was “Last Hustle in Brooklyn,” the first student film showcased in Lincoln Center’s Films Festival was the “Joe’s Bed-Stuy” film. Spike was determined to push his passion for film to the next level.

He started his passion while studying, and his commitment made him who he is. After school life, Spike devoted time to work on the “She’s Gotta Have It” film and used a budget of $175,000 to shoot the film in two weeks.

The film was released in 1986 and performed well, grossing over $7 million at the U.S. box office. The achievement further pushed Spike to take on other projects. In 1989, he released “Do the Right Thing”, and thanks to it, he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Spike released other films in the following years. In 1997, he released a documentary based on a church bombing in 1963 in Alabama. The documentary “4 Little Girls” got him nominated for an Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary.

Net Worth

Spike has a production company, 40 Acres & Amule. His production company has produced over 35 films since its debut in 1983. Spike is known for basing his films in Brooklyn and making cameo appearances.

His success in the industry has earned him over $40 million and numerous awards. Spike has also taught at Harvard and New York University under the School of Arts. That, too, adds to his net worth.