William Shatner Net Worth: How Wealthy is the Veteran Actor? William Shatner Net Worth: How Wealthy is the Veteran Actor?

William Shatner Net Worth: How Wealthy is the Veteran Actor?

With a net worth of 100 million dollars, William Shatner is one of the wealthiest Canadian actors. Over the last seven decades, William has made his fortune by acting, directing shows, and making music. The veteran actor started his career in the entertainment industry in the 1950s, and he has consistently appeared in several television shows and films over the years. He is mostly known for his appearances on Star Trek, for which he was earning about 150,000 dollars in an episode.


William Shatner has appeared in several television shows for his over seven-decade career run. He was paid varying amounts for his appearances, but he was paid about 150,000 dollars per episode for many of his shows. Cumulatively, these earnings have made his fortune grow to 100 million dollars.

People have been debating whether William made 600 million dollars from Priceline. He was the company’s commercial negotiator, and he had asked them to pay him in shares. People believed that his shares increased over the years, and when they were valued at 300 dollars per share, he sold them, making about 600 million dollars. William denied these claims on television, saying he had never made such a large amount of money.


William Shatner began his career as a college student in the early 1950s. He appeared in films and other shows but had not yet gained national recognition. In the 1960s, William started appearing in films that projected him to the national and international level.

The veteran actor has had a great career, appearing in over a hundred television shows and films. His most common appearance on television was on Star Trek, where he portrayed Captain James T. Kirk. Besides acting, William has been recording music, screenwriting, and producing shows, and despite his age, he is still making a difference in the entertainment industry.

Passion and Other Interests

William Shatner is passionate about horses and has been breeding for over thirty years. He even participated in races with some of his horses. Due to his love for horses, the Canadian actor has participated in horse-themed charity events. Besides his love for horses, William has been interested in space and has partnered with NASA for various space adventures.

In 2021, along with billionaire Jeff Bezos and space crew members, William Shatner became the oldest human to go to space. He has had fun on that space trip and shared his experience on television.

Philanthropy and Charity Causes

William Shatner is a lover of horses and has always participated in horse charity events. He believes in giving back to the community, and over the years, he has partnered with his cast mates to support the less fortunate in society. For over three decades, he has supported the Hollywood Charity Horse Show, which raises funds to help disadvantaged children.

After selling a kidney stone for 25,000 dollars in 2006, he added the money to an additional 20,000 raised by his cast mates and donated the money to Habitat for Humanity.