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Theo Von Net Worth, Career, Professional Life Details, & More

Theo Von is an American standup comedian, podcaster, actor and producer. Read further to know more about the life, profession and net worth of this celebrity.

Personal Life

Theo was born on March 19th, 1980 in Covington, Louisiana, United States of America. His parents are Gina Capitani and Roland Theodor Achilles Von Kurnatowski. He is of Polish-Nicaraguan and Irish-Italian descent. Theo was emancipated when he was 16 years old. He completed his schooling at Mandeville High School in Louisiana, United States of America. He did his further studies at Louisiana State University, Loyola University, University of Arizona, College of Charleston, and Santa Monica College. In 2011, he received an undergraduate degree in Urban Planning from the University of New Orleans.


Theo began his career in the entertainment industry in 2000 at the age of 19. He appeared in an MTV reality show titled Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour. Following that he was a part of another MTV reality game show called The Challenge, which happened to be a spin-off of Road Rules and The Real World. In 2006, he participated in the show ‘Last Comic Standing’ and won it. Post this, he ventured into standup comedy. He then hosted a couple of game shows and acted in a few sitcoms. In 2023, he began hosting podcasts of his own titled ‘The Comedy Sideshow’, ‘This Past Weekend’ and ‘The King and The Sting’


As of 2024, Forbes has predicted Theo Von’s net worth to be about 7 million US dollars. His annual income is about 2.1 million US dollars. Theo charges 1 million US dollars per movie and  75k US dollars for a television show episode. His Netflix deal is worth 9,00,00 US dollars and he earns about 40 thousand US dollars per standup comedy show he does. He lives in a luxurious apartment in Tribeca, Manhattan that is worth 2.9 million US dollars. According to reports, it is said that 40% of his net worth is in the form of shares and investments in brands like Nike, Walmart, IBM and Amazon. He owns 5 real estate properties in New York and Los Angeles and earns roughly about 390k US dollars through rent alone. Besides this, he owns luxury cars like BMW 7 Series and Lamborghini Gallardo which add to his net worth.

Fun Facts about Theo Von

  • Theo Von’s birthname is Theodore Capitani von Kurnatowski III.
  • His mother, Gina Capitani was born and raised by an electric welder at a boiler factory named Gene Capitani and his wife Clara M Capitani in Illinois.
  • Theo’s father, Roland Theodor von Kurnatowski was 67 years old when Theo was born. He died four years later, due to cancer.
  • Theo von has two Netflix comedy specials titled ‘No Offense’ and ‘Regular People’.
  • Theo’s comedy style is usually a mixture of self-deprecating humor, observational comedy, and surreal humor.
  • Theo’s comedy is usually based on human behavior, human sexuality and American politics.


Theo Von is a simple comedian who brings laughter and joy into the lives of his audience. He has paved a successful path for himself and become a famous comedian in the entertainment industry.