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Tim Allen Net Worth: How Much is the Actor’s Net Worth in 2024?

Tim Allen is one of the wealthiest celebrity actors. Tim Allen is a famous comedian with a career spanned a few decades. Tim’s career began while in school, and he did not know that many years later, he would be one of the highest-paid actors, thanks to his passion.

The Denver-born actor made it into the list as the fifth-highest-ever paid TV actor. His smooth transition from comedy to TV role showcases his skills, which have made him millions of fortunes. Here are the details of Tim Allen’s net worth.

Tim Allen’s Net Worth in 2024

Tim Allen’s 2024 net worth is estimated at $110 million, according to a trusted source. Tim Allen celebrates his financial success thanks to his many years in entertainment.

Tim has featured in numerous film and television roles, making him a millionaire. Tim was featured in Home Improvement, a role that made him famous.

According to the net worth post, the actor made millions from the Home Improvement role. The actor made $1.25 million per episode at the show’s peak, showing his vast success.

Tim Allen Salary

As mentioned earlier, Tim Allen has made a name for himself as one of the best-paid actors. Throughout Allen’s features, he has made some excellent money, enabling him to reach his current net worth.

At Last Man Standing, the actor bagged $235,000 per episode. He held other notable salaries, such as $5 million for Toy Story 2, $2 million for Galaxy Quest, and $12 million for Joe Somebody.

Besides his attractive salary from films and shows, he has earned much from brand endorsements and advertisements.

Tim Allen’s Personal Life

Tim’s birth name is Timothy Alan Dick. The actor was born on June 13, 1956, in a family of six children. Unfortunately, Tim’s father died when Tim was only 11 years old, and it changed his life.

Tim’s mother took care of them, but she found a new family for Tim and his siblings. Two years later, his mother married another man, resulting in a large family of 9 children.

Tim was dedicated to his education, where he began training his skills in theatre and drama clubs. He also learned how to play piano and became an accomplished musician. After high school, Tim joined Western Michigan University and graduated with a degree in communications.

Tim has been married twice and is a proud father to two daughters. Laura Diebel is the ex-wife of the actor whom he married in 1984. The duo had their daughter in 1989 before they divorced in 1989.

The actor walked down the aisle again in 2006, marrying Jane Hajduk, whom he had been dating for five years before their marriage. The couple welcomed their daughter in 2009. There have been no reports of the actor marrying again, meaning he is still with his second wife.