Fat Joe before after weight loss Fat Joe before after weight loss

Fat Joe Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Joseph Antonio Cartagena is an American rapper. He is better known by his stage name, Fat Joe.

Although Joe started his music career as a member of the D.I.T.C band, later he started singing solo. His debut solo album was Represent

Fat Joe has also appeared in several movies as well including Netflix’s She’s Gotta Have It. As his stage name suggests, throughout his life, Joe has struggled with obesity. At one point in his life, Joe reached his highest weight of 350 pounds

Fat Joe weight loss

After the doctor suggested Joe lose weight, he embarked on his weight loss journey.

At first, it proved to be super hard to make some changes and get out of his comfort zone.

However, Fat Joe had the idea of changing himself forever. And in the end, it was this idea and his determination that kept him pushing forward. By working hard and changing his lifestyle, Joe succeeded in getting slimmer by more than 100 pounds.

It came as a shock to his fans who thought that Fat Joe had made being fat his identity.

Fat Joe’s Weight Loss Journey

Throughout his life, Joe has undergone a weight loss journey multiple times. He tried to lose weight in 2005 and succeeded in getting rid of 40 pounds.

However, it didn’t make a big difference given Joe’s weight. So in 2011, he tried to lose weight again. This time Fat Joe succeeded in changing his life forever. However, it didn’t come as easy as you read it.

Fat Joe had to undergo a lot to make a big difference this time. Because his doctor had warned him that if he didn’t make a change in his physique now he might have to suffer from diabetes.

There was another factor that helped Fat Joe in pursuing his weight loss journey.

Talking about his realization, he said, “I realized at a certain point, all my big people were dying.

I couldn’t see a clearer picture, what’s the difference between me and him, of me being in a casket?”

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How did Fat Joe Lose 100 Pounds?

Fat Joe lost weight because one by one he eliminated all his negative habits.

Habits that were harming him and replaced them with the ones that worked in his favor.

He lost weight because he stayed consistent throughout his journey and didn’t stray from the path. 

Joe’s Diet Plan

In order to shed pounds, Fat Joe followed a low-carb diet. He eliminated bread, rice, and pasta from his diet.

When asked what was the “methodology” of his weight loss, Joe answered, “I was trying to lose weight for more than 10 years, so I had learned a lot along the way.”

He added, “It was simple science, man. I educated myself about that and it is the number one way to lose weight.

On what’s harming you and what’s not. I ate sweet potatoes a lot.

And I am telling you that sweet potatoes are good for everyone. Pasta ain’t good, rice ain’t good, and beans ain’t good.”

Joe said that he eats carbs only in the morning and for the rest of the day, carbs are a big no.

For the rest of the day, Joe’s diet consists of bacon, fish, and salad. He also limited his alcohol consumption.

All this restraint from unhealthy food helped him in getting lighter.

Joe’s Workout Plan

Joe also exercised to burn calories. He joined the gym in his neighborhood, which he visited five days a week, leaving only weekends.

He would lift weights, do push-ups, and squats, and do cycling. Although Fat Joe exercised, his main focus was on his diet.

Before & After Weight Loss

Fat Joe before after weight loss

After sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise, Fat Joe accomplished something incredible. He managed to shed a whopping 100 pounds! Before all his hard work, he weighed 350 pounds, but now he’s down to 250 pounds.

Final Words

Losing weight not only saved Joe from diabetes and other health issues but also motivated his fans and friends to do the same.

In fact, Fat Joe became an inspiration for others to embark on the same journey. I hope that his story does the same for you.

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