Chris Sullivan before after weight loss Chris Sullivan before after weight loss

Chris Sullivan Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After Journey

Chris Sullivan is a popular American actor and musician, and you might recognize him as the guy who played Toby Damon on the NBC show “This Is Us.”

His acting was so good that he got nominated twice for the Primetime Emmy Awards in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. That’s a big deal in the world of TV and acting!

You might have also spotted him in “Guardians Of The Galaxy 2” and “Stranger Things.” He’s been in some pretty cool shows and movies.

But in the 4th season of “This Is Us,” Toby Damon looked quite slim compared to the first three seasons. It’s got fans wondering how Chris Sullivan managed to lose all those pounds. People are definitely curious about his weight loss journey!

Did Chris Sullivan Really Lose Weight?

Chris Sullivan weight loss

As we saw in the first three seasons of This Is Us, Chris was an overweight guy. But in the fourth season of the series, he looked slimmer.

Fans were delighted to see that their favorite character Toby had shed all of those pounds for the show.

Toby took off his shirt two times in the fourth season where his abs were clearly seen.

Fans were more curious to know how he did it. However, the story was totally different than what the fans had thought.

Chris was never fat in the first place. He had just worn a suit for the first three seasons to look like a fat person.

And when fans found out that Sullivan was never fat and he wore a fat dress for the show, the curiosity of fans died there. 

Was Chris Sullivan Slim From The Start?

In 2017, Susan Kelechi Watson (who played Beth in the show), told that Sullivan was using the suit to look fat.

But, Chrissy Metz (who played Toby’s wife Kate’s role in the show) had to lose weight as per the storyline.

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Fans’ Reaction To Chris Sullivan’s Weight Loss

When fans found out that Sullivan was not fat in real life, they got so disappointed and angry.

They lashed out at the show and the actor for not getting someone who would naturally fit in Toby’s character. “Like they couldn’t find an actual overweight white male actor?” a fan tweeted.

Chris Sullivan’s Reply To Fans’ Criticism

At one point, one of the clamors from viewers asked Chris to give a statement about what people were talking about.

Sullivan clarified that he had to do as an actor what he was asked to do. That he was there just for acting.

He said, “As you’ll find in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, I’m not actually a space alien. As you’ll find for Milo Ventimiglia, he is not actually a father.” Chris said that what he did for the camera was just acting.

Body Measurements

Chris Sullivan before after weight loss

Chris Sullivan’s actual weight is 211.5 pounds (96 kg) and he stands 6.4ft (193cm) tall. So, sorry folks, Chris was never overweight in the first place.

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