Lara Beitz before after weight loss Lara Beitz before after weight loss

Lara Beitz Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Lara is an American comedian, actress, and producer. She started her comedy career by doing stand-ups in small restaurants in Chicago.

However, as she became famous and as her talent received exposure, she gained recognition.

She moved to Los Angeles, where she received a lot of shows and gained a lot of followers.

Some of Beitz’s successful shows are Laughs, The Comedy Store, and The Mangina Dialogues.

Although Beitz became a very successful comedian and actress, there was still something in her life that was lacking. She didn’t feel that she was healthy.

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Since her teenage years, Beitz has struggled with her weight. She knew that her weight was not okay. That it was something to be taken care of.

The problem, however, was that in her teenage years, she didn’t know how to do it, and then after she became a comedian, she didn’t have enough time.

But after struggling with being overweight for years, Lara decided to get rid of it once and for all and she embarked on the journey to lose it.

Recently, while on The Joe Rogan Podcast, Beitz announced that she has lost 40 pounds and is very happy about that.

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How did Lara Gain Weight?

The main reason behind Lara’s weight gain was her negative habits. While in her teen years, she got addicted to alcohol, which nearly destroyed her life.

“There was a period of time for years where I woke up and started drinking,” Lara recalled.

She further said about her addiction, “I would be like laid out on the bathroom floor with the guys I liked. It was always just really rough.”

The alcohol addiction had a very negative impact on Beitz’s health. She started gaining weight.

The good news, however, is that after fighting her addiction for many years, Lara became sober at the age of 29. And since then, she has never touched a drink.

She got over her addiction by meeting new people and getting out of the circle that caused her to become an addict in the first place.

After becoming sober, Lara decided that it was time to become healthier and she started her weight loss journey.

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Lara Beitz’s Weight Loss Journey

“I feel lighter. That’s exactly how I feel,” Lara said. “It was like an equivalent to eight bags of potatoes.

And if I think about what it would be like to carry that around in a backpack. Like through an airport or even in your home. It was very tiring.”

She added, “My ankles and my hands combined weight around 20 pounds and I was carrying the weight like its two times. It didn’t leave any energy in me. But now I’m very energetic.”

Just by listening to Lara, it can be assessed how happy she is with her new physique.

She started her weight loss journey at the start of 2021 and within months, she lost 40 pounds

It was a very big achievement given Beitz’s past struggle with weight loss. After losing the weight she built confidence that has helped her in maintaining that healthy physique.

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How did Lara Lose Weight?

Lara Beitz weight loss

To start her weight loss journey, Lara needed a partner. Someone who knew what to do.

So, she called her fellow comedian and personal trainer, Stasia Patwell. With the help of Stasia, Beitz built her workout plan.

“She’s a trainer and she started doing these classes on Zoom for female comics. She is so f*cking funny,” Lara said.

She continued, “She would ask me to do workouts and when I was about to drop from a plank that I’ve been holding for minutes, she would say ‘don’t be a pu*sy the world already has a lot of ‘em’ and that was enough to get me going.

She called me things that nobody ever had. But it got me where I am today.

With the help of Stasia, Lara built resistance in the face of hard work, which proved to be fuel for her weight loss journey.

Whereas Lara focused on her exercise, she also maintained a healthy diet. “I gave up eating flour and sugary products, which I guess has been the biggest factor in my weight loss,” Beitz said.

After losing 40 pounds, Beitz feels lighter. She said that it feels like a burden has been lifted off of her back. She also encourages others to get out there and work for their health.

Lara has come a long way and given the amount of hard work she has put in, she deserves her success.

Before & After Weight Loss

Lara Beitz before after weight loss

Lara Beitz did something amazing. She ate healthy and put in a lot of hard work, and the result was losing 40 pounds!

Now, she weighs 140 pounds, which is quite a change from her old weight of 180 pounds. Her determination and healthy choices really paid off in her weight loss journey.

Final Words

Whenever we read about a weight loss story, we should remember that it is not something that happened over a week or even over a month. It is something that requires some hard work and time.

And once you put in enough hard work and lose weight, you’ll realize how heavenly you feel. It is just like as Lara said, “I feel lighter”.

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