Gladys Knight Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Gladys is an American actress, singer, songwriter, businesswoman, and author. She is not known as the Empress of Soul for nothing. Knight is a seven-time Grammy award winner. Gladys rose to fame during the 1960s along with her group, The Pips.

Throughout her life, Knight has seen a lot of ups and downs. Whether it was her first husband, Newman, abandoning her and her children or whether it was her gambling addiction that made her lose $60,000 in one night, Gladys has always come out as a survivor.

Not only survivor, but she has also come out as better than before. Recently, Knight surprised fans with her new appearance. The American singer was seen as very slimmer than before. Her new appearance made her look unrecognizable at first.

“I lost 60 lbs,” Gladys told People. She further said, “I always look for improvement in my life.” Her new look was bound to attract her fans’ attention. They rushed to Gladys’ social media, asking her how did she do that. 

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Why did Knight Lose Weight?

Gladys Knight weight loss

Throughout her career, Gladys has had problems with her weight as she didn’t have enough time to take care of her health but she never thought to lose weight. Her busy life just didn’t allow her. However, when Knight participated in the reality show, Dancing with the Stars, she knew that it was a golden opportunity.

Now, the dance itself is a kind of exercise. But Gladys didn’t have to just dance, she had to win the dance. Gladys and Tristan MacManus were chosen as dance partners. They trained for the competition. And as they trained, Knight became aware of Tristan’s passion for fitness.

She started exercising a lot more with him which motivated her to lose weight. While Knight didn’t with the mirror ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars, she did win a much bigger prize, better health.

How did Knight Lose Weight?

Gladys lost weight because she maintained discipline in her life. She took care of her food intake. Talking about her dancing practice and diet plan, Gladys said, “Tristan helped by wearing me out… You’ve got to eat healthily, you’ve got to put movement in it.”

She further said, “I’m going to keep Tristan. He can come over and help me out.” Gladys said that she snacks on a power bar and eats fruits between meals. For lunch and dinner, her strategy is always to eat lighter food such as salad or soup along with some chicken.

Knight has cut down her sugar consumption by a huge margin. In doing so, she has also limited her drinking of alcohol. Besides that, Gladys stopped eating fast food at all which was kind of her favorite food in the past.

She has also invested a considerable amount of her time in working out. She exercises for an hour in the morning on a daily basis, which has proved to be a very good choice.

Alongside exercising in the gym, she also goes sometimes fishing, cycling, and swimming. The drastic loss of 60 pounds in her weight was an outcome of this hard work.

Gladys Plans to Keep Following her Weight Loss Routine

After getting huge results, Knight plans to keep living in the same healthy manner that she has been living in since she participated in the show. She still does dancing sessions to burn calories. Gladys also maintains her diet in order to stay healthy.

Before & After Weight Loss

Gladys Knight before after weight loss

After losing 60 pounds, Gladys has slimmed down to 121 pounds. Whereas before, she weighed between 185 to 180 pounds. This drastic change in her appearance has proved to be a very positive turn in her lifestyle.

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Final Words

It is never late in taking care of your health. In fact, taking care of your health determines when is late and when is not in relation to your age.

The 67-year-old American actress and singer, Gladys Knight, has set a great example for anyone who is looking forward to shedding some pounds and living a healthy life.

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