Jordin Sparks Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Jordin is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She rose to fame after winning the sixth season of American Idol.

Jordin became the winner at the age of 17, which makes her the youngest winner of American Idol in the show’s history. Sparks has won NAACP Image Award, and BET Award, and was nominated for Grammy Award.

When Sparks appeared in public, she was a plus-sized model. Sparks have had some problems related to her weight. However, as she recently appeared on the red carpet, Jordin was totally unrecognizable.

She gave her fans a big surprise. Everyone was talking about her drastic and sudden weight loss. However, when Sparks was asked about it, she didn’t say it was sudden. “I got really sick in the fall of 2010 right after Broadway ”, Sparks told the interviewer.

She continued, “And I was just like, I am not going to take my health for granted anymore. This changes right here, right now.” Sparks was trying to get lighter since 2010. Slowly and gradually she lost weight and transformed her health completely. So, how did she do it? Here are the full details:

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Jordin Sparks Weight Loss Journey

Jordin Sparks after weight loss

As mentioned earlier, Sparks started her weight loss journey back in 2010. She changed her eating habits.

Talking about her diet, Jordin said, “I was really evaluating what I was eating, when. And why I was eating it. I love food and so I was just eating because it tasted good. I kind of re-evaluated that. Now I definitely listen to my body first.”

Jordin Took BabySteps

As someone who wasn’t used to exercising and controlling their diet, Jordin had a very hard time figuring out how to live a healthy life. However, when she got a trainer, things got better. Here is what Sparks said about it:

“I just took baby steps because I was so fatigued from what I was sick with. Just doing baby steps and getting more into physical activity and then eventually I found a trainer. It’s a day-by-day thing. It’s been a year and a half and I feel good.”

Diet and Workout Plans

In order to lose weight, Sparks changed her diet and workout plans. She stayed away from every kind of processed food and only ate healthy homemade food. Besides that, Jording also limited alcohol and soda intake and substituted them with fruits and veggies juice.

Along with following a healthy diet plan, she also exercised a lot. With the help of her personal trainer, Jordin prepared a workout plan that she followed. She would work out for an hour on a daily basis. Gym or her lawn, it didn’t matter, as long as she exercised properly.

Marrying the Fitness Model, Dana Isaiah

In 2017, Sparks married the fitness model, Dana Isaiah. As her husband is a fitness model, this made the weight loss procedure even faster.

Sometimes she visits the gym with Dana, where they both exercise. Having a partner in living healthily really boosted Sparks’ energy and confidence.

Before & After Weight Loss

Jordin Sparks before after weight loss

After putting in her efforts and working hard for years, Sparks has lost 50 pounds. Talking about her current weight, Jording said, “I go anywhere from, like, 155 to 161 pounds.” While in the past, Jordin weighed around 200 pounds.

Sparks’ Advice to Her Fans

Jordin Sparks weight loss 1

While talking about her efforts and advising her fans, Sparks said, “There’s no quick or magical way to lose weight. You just have to do it the natural way. Diet and exercise and stick to it and be able to do it at your own pace. Everyone has their own thing.” She further said, “My whole journey has been about self-acceptance.”

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Final Words

Yes, waking up early in the morning is hard. Yes, following a disciplined diet plan and working out for an hour is hard.

But if you do it and lose weight, you will find out that it is totally worth it. And it only seems hard at first, but the moment you get used to it, you will find out your full potential. So, live healthily.