Gov Larry Hogan Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Larry Hogan is an American politician. He is serving as the 62nd governor of Maryland. Hogan is a member of the Republican party. His political career has spanned decades and is still flourishing.

Besides being the governor of Maryland, Larry has also served as the secretary of appointment of Maryland and as the chair of the National Governors Associations.

Though Larry’s political career has been successful in every way and people are even chanting the slogan of “Hogan for governor in 2024”, his health has always been something that he worries about. Hogan is a cancer survivor. 

After fighting cancer for months, Hogan had to face another problem. Being a politician and then governor means a lot of stress and work. His busy schedule didn’t allow him much time to take care of his health. As a result, his eating habits got disturbed and Hogan gained extra pounds.

Larry continued to gain weight gradually and reached a very unhealthy situation. He was afraid that Trump would write his next tweet about him calling him “Fat Hogan”. Although that tweet from Trump never came, Hogan’s health got worse.

He realized that his weight was slowing him down. Even simply moving was becoming a problem for him. After consulting with his doctor, Larry decided to get rid of the extra pounds that were making his life hard.

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Gov Hogan’s Weight Loss Journey

Larry Hogan weight loss

Hogan had decided to lose weight a long time ago, the only obstacle in his way was his busy day-to-day schedule. However, it changed when Covid-19 hit the world. During the pandemic, America saw a worrying rise in covid cases.

Nearly a quarter of Americans died because of Covid-19. This hit Larry very hard. He started a campaign to make other people aware of the dangers of this virus. He advised his people to make their immune systems stronger by eating healthy food and doing exercise.

While doing so, Hogan realized that why not practice what he preaches, and with that started his weight loss journey. Larry wrote on his Facebook, “With the coronavirus, I’m hearing about comorbidity, obesity, and you know, I’m a cancer survivor with overweight and under a lot of stress,” he added, “I decided that it was time to get healthy.”

How did Hogan Lose Weight?

Larry Hogan weight loss

Just like he advised others, Larry lost weight by “eating healthy food and doing exercise”. The Maryland governor changed his diet plan completely. While he did most of his work from his home, Hogan also did a lot of exercises to slim down.

Hogan’s Diet Plan

Most of Hogan’s diet comprises organic food. He cut down sugar consumption by 100%. Apart from that, he also limited his alcohol intake. Hogan wanted to live a healthy life with a lighter weight. To achieve that, he wanted to do anything.

In pursuit of a healthy physique, Hogan also eliminated carbs from his diet completely. He substituted everything that he eliminated from his diet with fresh vegetables, fruits, nutritional shakes, bars, and lean meat.

Before thinking of losing weight, Larry was in love with fast food. He loved pizza, burgers, chicken wings, and soda as his way of enjoying life. However, after embarking on the journey to lose weight, Hogan completely eliminated fast food from his life. He has said goodbye to fast food.

Hogan only eats one meal a day to control his calorie intake. Besides that, he eats snacks two to three times a day to fight hunger. This strategy has helped him in losing 50 pounds, which is a very big achievement. 

Hogan’s Workout Plan

Along with following a strict diet plan, Hogan has also committed himself to a daily workout routine. He does weight lifting, cycling, running on the treadmill, squats, lunges, and pilates. He also practices yoga to calm his mind down from all the stress because of his job.

Before & After Weight Loss

Larry Hogan before after weight loss

Hogan’s current weight is 154 pounds as compared to his old weight of 200 pounds. Throughout his journey, Hogan has lost more than 50 pounds. He plans to continue his weight loss journey. Celebrating his weight loss and joking about it at the same time, Larry said, “Right now I fit in all my skinnier clothes.”

Hogan Sacrificed Thanksgiving Dinner for His Health

Yes, you read it right. The dream dinner of every American, but Hogan kept control over himself. Such is his commitment to losing weight.

Talking about his Thanksgiving plans, Larry said, “There is not going to be any pie or mashed potatoes or stuffing,” he further said, “I might take a couple of slices of turkey and green vegetables.

Hogan’s Comments About His Drastic Weight Loss

When the interviewer asked how is he feeling after losing that much amount of weight, Larry answered, “I dropped about the same amount of weight, and I was pretty thin during the first campaign and beginning of my term. Not thin but not as heavy. And then I just kind of fell off the wagon, I guess. But everything is in control now and I’m happy.”

He further said about his future plans, “As long as I keep feeling good and I think it’s the way to get healthier, I’m going to keep it up.”

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Final Words

Through hard work, determination, and commitment, Hogan has successfully improved his health completely.

Whereas before Hogan was worried about heart disease and Covid-19, he now thinks about going to the gym regularly. He has proved that if you are committed to whatever you do, there is no doubt that you are going to succeed.

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