Greg Gutfeld before after weight loss Greg Gutfeld before after weight loss

Greg Gutfeld Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Gutfeld is an American TV host, comedian, and political commentator. He has also written multiple books on various subjects from self-improvement to politics.

Greg is the host of the late-night talk show, Gutfeld. He is also well-known for his comments on various issues like the 2020 elections and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

I know what are you thinking right now that his career is very big. So if we continue talking about his career and politics then when will we talk about our main title, Greg Gutfeld’s weight loss? Well, don’t worry about that. Here we go:

Greg Gutfeld weight loss

During the year 2020, Greg’s fans noticed gradual but a huge changes in his appearance. Over the course of time, Gutfeld’s weight shrunk and he slimmed down. Everyone was asking the same question: How did Greg lose weight?

This transformation took place while the world was being shut down due to Covid-19. He used the time he got in quarantine as an opportunity and while others were worried about what was going to happen in the future, Greg was working on his health.

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Greg Has Had a History Of His Increasing Weight

Gutfeld was struggling with increasing weight since 2015. He always said on talk shows or on social media that he wants to lose weight.

However, that moment never came. Not until 2020. In one of his interviews, Gutfeld said, “I gotta lose some weight in my fat face.” As soon as he got the opportunity, he didn’t waste it

Greg Gutfeld’s Weight Loss Journey

As mentioned earlier, Greg started his weight loss journey in early 2020. He started controlling his diet.

Gutfeld also put a lot of effort into exercising. With these things combined, he succeeded in getting rid of extra 15 pounds.

Greg’s Diet Plan

In order to get lighter, Gutfeld adopted a paleo diet plan as his lifestyle. Paleo is basically a diet that our ancestors ate approximately 10,000 years ago when they were learning the ways of civilization. The Paleo diet plan includes fruits, fish, vegetables, lean meat, nuts, and seeds.

Gutfeld followed this diet plan with commitment and succeeded in transforming his health for good. He also drank a lot of water and green tea. In this way, he avoided the urges that he felt for snacks.

Besides that, drinking water also helped him in maintaining his hydration level as he exercised.

Greg’s Workout Plan

Gutfeld wrote on Twitter, “Since this [Covid-19] started, I have lost 15 pounds. I owe it all to the peloton, paleo, and pinot.” As most of the gyms were closed during the pandemic, Gutfeld had to do workouts at home. He ordered a peloton and started burning calories.

Daily half an hour of peloton along with half an hour of cardio workout proved to be very useful for Greg. He succeeded in changing his health. Since then, Greg has been living a healthy life and has continued following a healthy routine.

Before & After Weight Loss

Greg Gutfeld before after weight loss

Greg’s current weight is 185 pounds after he lost 15 pounds. Although there is a long way to go, Greg is fully committed and motivated to take charge of his health and life.

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Final Words

The phrase losing weight only seems bad until we haven’t tried it. Once we join a gym and start following a healthy diet, it feels good to lose weight.

Sure, you will have a hard time during the first week. Just take it slowly. Remember, you are doing it for your health.