Dan Stevens before after weight loss Dan Stevens before after weight loss

Dan Stevens Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Stevens is an English actor. He rose to fame after his appearance in ITV’s historical drama, Downtown Abbey.

He played the role of Mathew Crawley. Besides that, he has also worked in Disney’s The Beauty and the Beast and Netflix’s Apostle.

If you have not been following Stevens since he appeared in Downtown Abbey, you might not recognize him now.

He has totally changed since then. Dan is now 30 pounds lighter than before. This change occurred over the course of time. 

Dan Stevens before weight loss

When asked why he lost weight, Stevens said, “It was for a role. It’s always me, just different incarnations, different roles, different costumes, and different sizes”, he further said, “As for the hair, it’s pretty much my natural color. I went very dark for the last role, but I’ll see where I go with it.”

Another famous English actor, Colson Smith, has lost 140 pounds.

Dan Stevens’ Weight Loss Journey

Dan Stevens weight loss

Talking about his weight loss, Stevens said, I’ve lost about 30 pounds since New Year, which, in British terms, is about two or three chins.” He followed a strict diet plan. Dan made huge changes to the way he ate.

He started cutting processed food consumption. Dan stopped eating every kind of food that included sugar. In order to do so, Stevens abstained even from drinking. He made the salad a part of his menu. Besides that, Dan also ate a lot of fruits.

Sometimes, he would only eat fruits for lunch. Along with maintaining his diet plan, Dan also joined the gym where he would lift weights, and do push-ups, pull-ups, squats, sit-ups, and boxing. With all this hard work, he succeeded in slimming down.

Before & After Weight Loss

Dan Stevens before after weight loss

Dan has lost 30 pounds, and now he weighs 165 pounds. Before he started trying to lose weight, he used to weigh about 200 pounds. So, he’s come a long way in his journey to get healthier!

Final Words

How much Stevens is dedicated to his acting career can be seen by how much hard work he does. To play his next role, Dan lost a considerable amount of weight. If you have passion for what you do, there is nothing that can become an obstacle in your way.

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