Hafthor Bjornsson before after weight loss Hafthor Bjornsson before after weight loss

Hafthor Bjornsson Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Hafthor is an Icelandic professional strongman. He is also known as Thor. Throughout his professional career, Bjornsson has won a lot of competitions.

He holds the title of being the first and only person to win the Arnold Strongman Classic.

He’s also Europe’s Strongest Man and the World’s Strongest Man along with being the winner of many other competitions.

In fact, Hafthor has been dominant in every strongman competition he has ever participated in.

Strongman experts believe that Hafthor is the strongest person to ever live.

Some of you might get surprised by reading that Bjornsson has also played Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Hafthor Bjornsson

There is always something new about Hafthor that his fans read every day. As of now, they are reading about his huge weight transformation.

Recently, Bjornsson has lost 10 Stone (140 pounds) as he has become a boxer from strongman. This huge weight loss owes to the fact that he had changed his diet plan significantly.

In fact, Hafthor embarked on his weight loss journey to prepare to fight his long-time rival, Eddie Hall. So, how did he lose so much weight?

How did Hafthor Lose Weight?

Hafthor lost weight because he made a huge change in his lifestyle. Right after becoming a boxer from Strongman, Hafthor started working on his diet plan. He changed his diet plan and cut down his daily calorie intake.

Talking about this, Bjornsson said, “As I was transforming from strongman into a boxer, I made big changes in my diet plan.”

Not only his diet plan, but Hafthor also worked out a lot in the gym. As he cut down his calorie consumption, he also increased the intensity of his daily workout routine.

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Hafthor’s Diet Plan

Talking about his strongman diet, Hafthor said, “In the strongman days, I would eat up to 10,000 calories every single day.

Since I started boxing, my diet has changed a lot. I would eat a lot of rice, a lot of potatoes, fatty meat like rib-eye steaks, carrots, pepper, and chicken.”

While describing his new diet, Hafthor said, “Now my diet has totally changed. In the morning, I have eight ounces of beef tenderloin.

So more of leaner meat and not fatty. And then I’ll have two whole eggs with a bowl of oatmeal and one glass of orange juice. That’s my breakfast.”

For lunch, he eats eight ounces of beef tenderloin. 100 grams of zucchini, and spinach with rice.

Bjornson keeps changing how much amount of food he consumes depending on his mood.

And for dinner, Hafthor eats a bowl of green veggies salad along with desserts (especially ice cream), talking about which, he said, “I like ice cream, I won’t lie about it.”

All in all, he eats 5 meals a day as compared to his old diet, when he ate 8 meals a day.

To kill his hunger, Hafthor also drinks a lot of water. This not only helps him stay away from food but also increases energy for his workout sessions.

Where Hafthor stays disciplined and strict in following his diet plan, he also has a cheat meal. Talking about his cheat meal, he said, “On my cheat meal day, I eat whatever my stomach desires.

I either eat pizza, burger, sushi, steak, or something sweet, depending on my mood.”

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Hafthor’s Workout Plan

Where Hafthor changed his diet plan by a big margin, he also made big changes to how he worked out.

He started spending more time in the gym. He lifted more weights as compared to before. Bjornsson practiced boxing a lot. 

Bjornsson worked on his speed. He started going for long walks. He would start his day by running for 2 miles on a daily basis.

While doing these intense workout sessions, Hafthor took care that he didn’t injure himself. 

“I cared a lot about my body. Because my body wasn’t accustomed to a boxer’s workout sessions.

So, I stopped when my body said to stop and I worked out when my body said to workout,” Bjornsson told The Men’s Health.

Before & After Weight Loss

Hafthor Bjornsson before after weight loss

Hafthor did something incredible – he shed 10 Stone, which is around 140 pounds!

Now, he weighs 23 Stone, or about 322 pounds. But in the past, he used to be a hefty 33 Stone, which is a whopping 462 pounds.

This was a really significant moment for Hafthor because he was making a big change in his life. He was going from being a strongman to becoming a boxer.

Hafthor Bjornsson Vs. Eddie Hall

So, both former strongmen and now boxers met in the ring on 19 March 2022. Both of them had won The World’s Strongest Man title.

The match was named, “The Heaviest Boxing Match in History”, which was placed in Dubai. Bjornsson won the competition by unanimous decision after six rounds. He had won five rounds out of six.

This was quite a big moment for Hafthor as he had become the winner of The Heaviest Boxing Match in History.

Final Words

Yes, changing his diet plan wasn’t easy at first. But Hafthor knew what was best for him and he acted out accordingly.

At first, his transformation from a strongman into a boxer proved to be very difficult, but he believed in himself and didn’t give up.

And in the end, the results were in his favor, both, the transformation as well as the match.

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