Elle Macpherson before after weight loss Elle Macpherson before after weight loss

Elle Macpherson Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Elle is an Australian actress, model, businesswoman, and TV host. She rose to prominence after her appearance on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

That installment became so successful that Macpherson appeared on the covers of the next four ones as well.

Throughout her acting career, Macpherson has worked in various films as well. As much as Elle is famous for her acting, she is also well-known for how she maintains her physique.

She has taken care of her health so amazingly, that in her 50s, Macpherson looks like 30 years old.

Well, when you manage your health in such a great way, you get asked a lot of questions. And that’s the same case with Macpherson.

No matter whether Elle is posting something on the internet or she is giving some interview, Elle always gets asked about how she manages her health so well.

And there is no problem with asking about that because everyone wants to have a good physique just like hers.

Elle answers her fans’ queries whenever possible. I know that you are here for the same purpose. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive right into Elle’s healthy lifestyle.

How does Elle Keep Herself Fit?

Macpherson has a slim figure because she keeps her life balanced. She takes care of what she eats and how she spends her days.

Basically, Elle remains healthy by spending her time in useful activities. Activities that not only help her remain healthy but also help her in her career.

The Aussie model likes to share her lifestyle so others take advantage as well. Talking about this, Elle said, “I have some priorities in my life and my health is definitely one of them. Staying healthy doesn’t only feel better but it is also the deciding factor whether we are going to succeed in our lives.” Following is Elle’s lifestyle explained.

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Elle Macpherson’s Diet Plan

As mentioned before, she likes to keep things balanced. We all love eating delicious stuff, right? Well, so does Elle.

The only difference is that she knows when to stop and what is the limit. Elle follows an organic diet plan most of the time.

Macpherson likes vegetables. Although she likes to stay vegan, sometimes she eats meat as well, mostly chicken and fish and sometimes a steak as well.

She also eats dairy products occasionally, whenever she likes to. 

As already said, Macpherson also likes delicious food just like everyone. She eats three meals a day in small portions.

And when Elle feels a little hungry, healthy snacks are always there. Here are the details about her daily diet plan:

Elle’s Breakfast

Elle considers breakfasting a must. Because most of the time it is our breakfast that decides the outcome of our day.

It not only provides us with enough energy to go through half of the day but it also prevents us from overeating at lunch, which is the biggest reason for gaining weight.

Macpherson likes to keep her breakfast simple. Upon waking up, Elle leaves the house for a long walk (which we will cover later) on returning she breaks the fast with a cup of hot water and lemon. After that, she drinks a cup of green tea. 

Depending upon her mood, Elle chooses from oatmeal, fruits, chia seed pudding, and poached eggs. No matter what she chooses, all of them are equally healthy, however, with different tastes. 

Elle’s Lunch

Elle takes the same care while having lunch. She is a big fan of eating raw and lightly cooked vegetables.

She also eats fish whenever she likes. Elle takes full care of not eating fatty foods. When it comes to fish, she is a big fan of salmon. 

On special days, Macpherson eats salmon with lemon and olive oil. She likes to eat it with a bowl of salad, which is made of cucumber, spinach, cabbage, coriander, and avocado.

To maintain her hydration level, Macpherson drinks three liters of water a day.

Elle’s Dinner

Macpherson takes full care of having a plant-based dinner. She has a wide range of plant-based foods from which she chooses depending on her mood.

The menu at her disposal is vegan pizza, pasta with butternut squash, sea bass, Greek salad, and eggs with veggies.

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Elle’s Workout Plan

When it comes to working out, Macpherson is a big fan but she is conscious about not becoming too obsessive about looking great but rather focusing on her health.

After waking up, Elle goes for a long walk from where she directly visits the gym.

She workouts for an hour but she takes care that she doesn’t put too much load on her body.

Along with the passage of time, she has stopped doing more intense exercises. Instead, Elle now focuses on what is best not only for the short term but for her future as well.

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Macpherson Also Practices Yoga

Yoga is a great way of putting your mind at ease. It is much needed to be exercised in our time, especially when we have so many powerful distractions such as mobile phones. Elle takes full advantage of this ancient practice.

It gives her a break from her daily busy life. Along with doing yoga, Macpherson also meditates for half an hour on a daily basis.

Macpherson Enjoys Nights Out With Her Friends

Elle is not the kind of person who would obsess so much just over how she looks.

Sure, she takes care of her health in every possible way but that doesn’t mean that she does not go out with her friends. Her cheat meals are steak, pizza, and chocolate ice cream.

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Body Measurements

Elle Macpherson before after weight loss

Elle stands tall at 1.83 m (6 ft) and weighs 125 pounds (57 kg). Her slim and healthy figure proves that you can live a healthy life while at the same time enjoying it at its fullest. 

Final Words

Macpherson lives a healthy and happy life and also suggests her fans do the same. Those of you who are confused about how to live a healthy life can follow Elle’s lifestyle.

However, you can make a few changes to it depending on your circumstances. I hope that Elle’s story gives you enough inspiration to conquer your demons.

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