Hitman Holla Teeth Hitman Holla Teeth

Hitman Holla Teeth Before and After – Fixed [2024]

It’s no surprise that fans of the famous rapper Hitman Holla are curious about his dental work, particularly regarding his teeth before and after they were fixed.

Speculations about him getting new teeth have been circulating among many people, and they can’t help but wonder if the rumors are true.

Aside from his dental work, Hitman Holla has also captured the hearts of his fans worldwide with his cool performances and attractive songs.

He has a significant following who genuinely appreciate his music and support him in his career.

However, it’s unfortunate to see that some people still harbor hate toward the rapper. Like with any public figure, there will always be haters who criticize and make fun of everything from their looks to their accomplishments.

Hitman Holla Teeth

Instead of acknowledging Hitman Holla’s achievements, some people prefer to belittle him by mocking his appearance.

One of the most common targets for these haters is Hitman Holla’s teeth, with many poking fun at their supposed size and shape.

It’s easy to come across hurtful comments on social media regarding this matter, but it’s important to remember that these comments say more about the haters than they do about the rapper himself.

Ultimately, what matters most is that Hitman Holla has a loyal fanbase that appreciates his talent and supports him through his journey.

As for his teeth, whether they are natural or not, they do not define who he is as a person or an artist.

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Hitman Holla’s Teeth Transformation

Hitman Holla Teeth before

Prior to the negative comments about his appearance, Hitman Holla’s teeth were not something that many people paid attention to.

However, since the comments began to circulate, more and more individuals have become curious about the rapper’s dental work.

Despite the criticism, Hitman Holla’s loyal fans have spoken out in support of him, with many claiming that he looks better than ever before.

Some sources have even suggested that the rapper underwent a dental procedure that involved getting veneers to make his teeth whiter and more aesthetically pleasing.

Looking at a comparison picture of Hitman Holla’s teeth, it’s evident that there were gaps between his teeth in the past, but now they appear perfectly aligned. It’s clear that the dental procedure has been successful in improving his smile.

It’s important to remember that the decision to undergo a dental procedure is a personal one, and it’s not up to others to judge someone based on their appearance.

What’s most important is that Hitman Holla is happy with the results and can continue to make music that his fans love. After all, his talent is what truly matters, not his teeth.

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Hitman Holla’s Accomplishments Beyond His Teeth

Despite the speculations about his dental work, rapper Hitman Holla doesn’t seem to be too bothered by what people say.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri in the United States, Holla is a performer who takes great care in his appearance, as seen in his choice of stylish outfits at his concerts.

It’s interesting to note that Holla’s brother, How, seems to draw inspiration from his brother’s success, despite having a different personality.

Both brothers are dedicated to delivering their best performances, which is evident in their work.

Instead of solely focusing on his dental transformation, it’s essential to recognize Hitman Holla’s accomplishments as an artist, actor, and former athlete.

With the real name of Gerald Fulton Jr, he has proven that he is more than just a rapper, and his overall success should be celebrated and admired.

It’s crucial to remember that someone’s physical appearance should not overshadow their achievements and character. Hitman Holla’s talent, drive, and dedication are what has brought him success, and that’s what truly matters in the end.

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The career of Hitman Holla

Hitman Holla, whose real name is Gerald Fulton Jr., is an American rapper, actor, and comedian. He was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and began his career in entertainment as a battle rapper.

Holla’s talent in rap battles quickly gained recognition, and he was eventually invited to appear on the television show, “Wild ‘N Out,” which is hosted by Nick Cannon.

He became a regular cast member on the show and gained a massive following due to his impressive freestyle rap skills and comedic timing.

Outside of his work on “Wild ‘N Out,” Holla has also released several successful music projects. His debut mixtape, “The Trunk,” was released in 2012, and he has since followed up with other projects, including “Holla Day” and “Murder She Spoke.”

In addition to his music and television work, Holla has also dabbled in acting. He made his acting debut in the 2017 film, “Bodied,” and has also appeared in other movies and TV shows.

Throughout his career, Hitman Holla has become known for his unique style, clever wordplay, and charismatic personality. He has collaborated with many other notable artists, including Nipsey Hussle, E-40, and Yo Gotti.

Despite criticism about his appearance, Holla has remained dedicated to his craft and has continued to build a successful career in entertainment. He serves as an inspiration to many aspiring rappers and performers who want to follow in his footsteps.


In conclusion, while there has been much talk about Hitman Holla’s teeth, it’s important to recognize that his success as a rapper, actor, and comedian goes far beyond his physical appearance.

Holla’s talent, dedication, and hard work have led him to achieve great things in the entertainment industry, and his impressive career is a testament to his perseverance and talent.

Let’s celebrate Hitman Holla for his many accomplishments and appreciate him for the talented artist he is.

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