Andy Samberg Teeth Transformation [2023]: Before and After

Andy Samberg is an American comedian, musician, writer, and producer. If you are a fan of Andy for a long time then you may have noticed a difference in his teeth. His teeth were not like this. He used to have a little gap in his front teeth.

Andy Samberg Teeth Before & After

Andy Samberg Teeth after 5

Below you can see some pictures of Andy’s smile. You can see the gap between his teeth and some alignment problems. But now Samberg got his teeth fixed.

Many of his fans were curious and don’t know how he fixed his teeth. Andy used Invisalign and went through a little dental procedure to make his smile attractive.

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Andy Samberg Teeth before 3
Andy Samberg Teeth Before
Andy Samberg Before Teeth Fixed 2
Andy Samberg Teeth gap
Andy Samberg Smile
Andy Samberg Teeth before 2
Andy Samberg Before After Teeth Fixed

Final Words

Andy cares about his teeth a lot. He brushes his teeth 2/3 times a day. And he also visits a dentist twice a year to make sure his teeth are strong. You should also take care of your teeth and brush them every day regularly.

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