James Harden Before and after Teeth fix James Harden Before and after Teeth fix

James Harden Teeth Fixed: Before and After [2024]

Poor tooth alignment might have affected James Harden in the past, but with a little work and proper care, he’s no longer plagued by these issues. His teeth are straight and appear healthy now.

He had gone through different events in his life where he got a little bit of criticism about his teeth on social media. But James took that criticism as positive feedback. So, he worked on himself to improve his smile.

James Harden Teeth

James Harden before 2

Houston Rockets basketball player James Harden has been doing a lot of great things for professional basketball and sports in general.

James Harden is famous for his long beard but many people talk about his misaligned teeth. As of now, he went under teeth transformation. He got his teeth fixed.

Bad teeth often arise from environmental factors, genetics, and age. They are costly to manage when they arise in childhood before the root causes are addressed. Genetics can determine the appearance of your teeth.

James Harden

However, dentists may help fix problems associated with those unlucky genes. That said, if your teeth aren’t too good to start with, you might want to invest in checkups and braces to help straighten them out.

James Harden didn’t have this luxury, or he was unaware of this, which he should have due to his upbringing.

A lack of good mentoring can lead to opportunity issues for someone, so it’s important for James to learn what he needs to survive or thrive in the professional world.

Before and After Teeth Fixed

James Harden Before and after Teeth fix

Anthony Davis was previously on the list of NBA players having the worst types of teeth ever. James Harden is one of them too because his upper and lower teeth are skewed as well.

It was confirmed by himself in an interview that he is using an Invisalign retainer to fix his teeth. However, some still believe he’s using Invisalign for other reasons, despite the interview he gave.

James Harden Teeth

He claimed to have used an Invisalign retainer in the summer to straighten up his top teeth.


Invisalign is a clear, removable appliance that is made up of a series of aligners. It is used to straighten teeth without the need for braces.

Invisalign uses a series of aligners that are made up of clear plastic and metal. Invisalign uses these aligners to gradually move teeth into their desired position and then remove them. The process takes about two years, but the results are long-lasting.

Invisalign is one option for treating crooked teeth and can be used by people who have not had orthodontic treatment before or those who have had orthodontic treatment but did not get the desired results.

Invisalign can be made using a 3D digital model that captures the shape and size of your mouth. This makes it possible to create an individualized treatment plan for each patient without having to visit multiple times in order to get impressions taken by different people.

Final Words

James Haren is a professional basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers. Now, He seems to be happy and has an attractive smile along with his beard. What do you think?

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