Kaley Cuoco before after weight loss Kaley Cuoco before after weight loss

Kaley Cuoco Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Cuoco is an American actress and producer. She started her career in the 1990s by appearing in different projects as a supporting character.

Kaley rose to fame after playing Bridget Hennesy on the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules. However, the breakthrough in Kaley’s career came when she played Penny on the CBS sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

Recently, by appearing on the cover of Shape, Kaley completely shocked her fans and followers.

She looked totally different than before. It was apparent that within the previous months, Cuoco had lost a significant amount of weight.

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“I’ve never worked so hard to look good for something in my entire career,” Cuoco told People, “But I didn’t starve or kill myself with exercise. I went slowly, and it paid off.” So the question which comes to mind then is how did she do it.

Weight fluctuation was something that Cuoco had struggled with her entire life. Talking about this, Cuoco said, “I was always one of the girls, who bought three different size jeans. Because I never knew what my size would be on a given day.”

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Kaley’s Struggle with Weight Fluctuations

Kaley blamed her habit of binge eating for her weight fluctuations. She said that she built the habit of binge eating along with her then-husband, Ryan Sweeting, who is a Tennis player. While Ryan needed snacks as fuel, it had a very negative impact on Cuoco’s appearance.

“When we first got married, it was so much fun to eat like him. We got into this habit we called the bedtime snack. The drawers next to the bed were filled with candy. Eventually, I realized it was mindless eating,” Kaley recalled.

She added, “So I cut that out. Our refrigerator and pantry have completely changed because we don’t eat crap anymore. No more soda, chips, cereal; we had boxes of stuff that only a 4-year-old would eat.”

Kaley’s Weight Loss Transformation

Within a month of this binge eating habit, Kaley realized that it had a very negative impact on her health.

And after this realization, Kaley stepped back from this bad old habit. As Cuoco was considering losing weight, she was contacted by Shape magazine for the cover.

Cuoco realized that it was a perfect time to embark on a healthy lifestyle as this responsibility would incline her to take action.

To shed extra pounds, Cuoco changed her diet plan. She cut off all kinds of junk food. Not only that but she also cut down on processed sugar completely.

Kaley ate mostly fruits and vegetables. To lose weight, Cuoco also stopped consuming red meat and substituted it with white meat. All in all, Kaley cut down her calorie consumption to only 1800 kcal per day.

Practicing Yoga

To lose weight, Cuoco also took the help of the ancient exercise of yoga. Talking about her yoga routine, Cuoco said, “Doing yoga five times a week has transformed my body. I love being toned and having muscle; it’s so sexy and beautiful.” She added, “Everything, from the inside out, has completely changed for me.”

Kaley Enjoys Cheat Meals

There is nothing wrong with treating you on a given day. And Kaley occasionally gives treats herself to cheat meals. Talking about this, she said, “I know when I’m being good all week long then come Sunday, I’m going to lie by the pool, have a drink, and eat some pizza. Then I wake up on Monday morning and I’m all ready to start the week again.”

Cuoco added, “I’m just going to be in a bad mood all the time if there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.” You need something to know that you are progressing.

You need a reward for what you are doing. And there is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself. So live healthily and enjoy every moment of your life.

Before & After Weight Loss

Kaley Cuoco before after weight loss

The Big Bang Theory star has completely transformed her physique. By maintaining a healthy diet and practicing yoga, she has lost 10 pounds.

Kaley dropped her weight from 135 pounds to 125 pounds. And she is very happy about it.

Kaley’s Comments on Her Weight Loss

Cuoco is very happy about her weight loss transformation. In her interview with People, she said that now whenever she sees in the mirror, she doesn’t feel uncomfortable or ashamed.

Cuoco said that she is not planning on changing her healthy lifestyle and wants to live with this healthy figure.

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Final Words

Cuoco took the right action at the right time and completely changed her appearance for the good.

As of now, she is living a healthy and happy life. If you are also struggling with weight fluctuations, don’t worry. Just follow in the footsteps of Cuoco and try to be consistent with your routine for a while and the results will surprise you.

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