Christina Kim before and after weight loss Christina Kim before and after weight loss

Christina Kim Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Christina Kim, the American professional golfer, has made a big name for herself in the world of women’s golf. She’s been playing golf since she was just 16 years old, and her journey began as a professional golfer when she was 18. What sets her apart from other golfers is her unique style and appearance on the golf course.

Christina is highly skilled at golf, but she faced a rough patch in her performance over the last two seasons in the LPGA. She openly admitted, “I’ve played poorly in the last two seasons.” But Christina wasn’t ready to accept defeat.

She made a decision to get back to her best form and to do that, she knew some changes were in order. Christina had put on some extra weight over time, mainly due to not taking proper care of her health. To correct this, she began a weight loss journey.

Since then, Christina has shed an impressive 60 pounds, which surprised her fans and viewers. As she reappeared in front of the public, her new look became a hot topic of discussion among her fans and golf enthusiasts. It’s amazing to see how determined she was to get back on track in her golf career and her overall health.

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Christina Kim’s Weight Loss Journey

Christina Kim before weight los

After consulting with her personal trainer, Kim decided to lose weight. She made huge changes to her daily routine. In particular to her diet. She was determined to change her physique and become good at the game again. 

Not only diet, but Kim also spent hours working out in the gym and jogging. Describing the experience, Christina said, “I knew I had to do it. There was no other way. I love this game and I wanted to be good at it like I was before.”

Christina’s Diet Plan

The main reason behind Kim’s increase in weight was her falling in love with pizza. Now, for an athlete, it is an obvious no. Within weeks, Christina realized that playing golf was becoming hard for her as compared to the past.

She realized that her weight had increased so much that it was now messing with her game. She didn’t want this to happen. Not to the game she was in love with since her childhood. This is when Kim said goodbye to pizza and followed a strict diet plan to shed extra pounds.

She adopted the keto diet and followed it with full devotion. Keto is a diet in which foods high in carbohydrates such as pasta, sugar, and bread are limited while foods high in fat such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and nuts are consumed more.

Within two months of following the keto diet, Kim saw tremendous changes in her weight. Well, the keto diet wasn’t the only factor in her weight loss. There were hours of hard work as well.

Christina’s Workout Plan

Even though exercise is an essential part of an athlete’s daily routine, Kim went very far in this regard. She would start her day at 6 in the morning and would go for a long walk of an hour around her neighborhood.

After the walk, she would take a sip of green tea, and then Kim’s next destination would be the gym, where she would do cardio for the next hour. Besides this rigorous workout routine, Kim also participated in sports such as tennis, which can be very useful for burning calories.

Besides that, she also did swimming, boxing, cycling, and running. If you follow such a strict daily routine, then weight loss is inevitable. 

Christina’s Mental Health

Due to the increase in her weight, which affected Kim’s game so badly, she got very disturbed. Christina fell into depression for one week after she lost in the tour. However, she got herself back at the right time and started working on improving herself.

While practicing diet and working out, Kim also included yoga in her daily routine. She would meditate and do yoga in solitude for half an hour on a daily basis.

This practice gave her peace of mind and time to figure her problems out. Talking about the importance of mental health, Kim said, “If I can get my mind in a good place, that’s going to help me more than anything else.”

Before & After Weight Loss

Christina Kim before and after weight loss

Kim has made incredible progress in her weight loss journey. Currently, she weighs 158 pounds, which is a significant change from her previous weight of about 228 pounds. Christina managed to shed a remarkable 60 pounds as she worked hard on her fitness. This is a substantial accomplishment and shows her determination and dedication to her health.

The basketball coach, Brad Underwood, utilized the free time he got during the lockdown and transformed his health by losing 50 pounds.

Final Words

Yes, Christina faced a lot of challenges. She nearly lost her game which she has been in love with since her childhood. But in the end, Kim succeeded. She is back on the healthy track again and is playing golf way better than before.