Lisa Meadows Weight Loss 2022: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Lisa is a meteorologist and internet celebrity. She started her meteorology career in 2016 by working for Lakeshore News. Meadows is well-known for her vast knowledge of hurricanes and the atmosphere of Earth. Meadows is also the president of the American Meteorological Society (AMS).

Recently, the news about Lisa’s weight loss circulated on the internet. After reading the news, fans reached out to Meadows and asked only one question, “How?”. Let’s find out what was Lisa’s answer.

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Lisa Meadows’ Weight Loss

To answer the queries of her fans, Lisa came on Facebook and answered everybody one by one. She said that she has lost weight. When asked how did she do that, Meadows answered that by eating healthy food and doing exercise. 

Lisa’s way of weight loss was quite simple. She eliminated all kinds of unhealthy foods such as fast food and processed food. She opted for an organic diet. She also took her dog for long walks in the morning. 

By following a healthy diet and exercising in the gym, Meadows lost 20 pounds, which was a big change in her life. She shocked her fans and followers on Instagram. As of now, Lisa is living a healthy life and is following the same healthy lifestyle that she adopted to lose weight.

Before & After Weight Loss

lisa meadows before after weight loss

After losing 20 pounds, Meadows’ current weight is 130 pounds. Whereas before she weighed between 150 to 155 pounds.

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Final Words

By losing weight, Meadows has improved her health and quality of life. She has set a great example for aspirants of living a healthy life. I hope that Meadows’ weight loss story helps you in finding motivation in your life.

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