Ashley Graham before after weight loss Ashley Graham before after weight loss

Ashley Graham Weight Loss: Before and After [2024]

In 2016, a significant turning point occurred in the life of American model Ashley Graham. She made a splash by gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, marking a milestone in her career. However, this momentous achievement also brought forth a tidal wave of criticism on social media.

Many of her critics chose Instagram as their platform to express their negative opinions. They unleashed their disapproving thoughts using their keyboards. What’s important to note is that Ashley Graham, a staunch advocate against body shaming, had always been an outspoken supporter of the idea that no one should be judged solely based on their body size.

Yet, when Ashley appeared on the cover of the magazine, she found herself unexpectedly subjected to unwarranted criticism. In the cover photo, some of her followers on Instagram noticed a change in her appearance. Ashley appeared thinner than before, and this did not sit well with some of her fans. This unexpected turn of events highlighted the double standards and body image issues that exist in our society.

Ashley Graham weight loss journey

Here is how one of her followers shared their thoughts about Ashley’s sudden weight loss, “What happened to embracing your size? You advertise that message then go and lose weight?? I mean hey more power to you, but idk…puzzled”.

However, Graham, who has always spoken against the body-shaming was having none of that. She replied to each of her critics in a great way but we will come to it later. Let’s first discuss how Ashley lost weight.

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Ashley Graham’s Weight Loss Journey

Ashley wanted to make some changes to her appearance as she noticed that she was constantly gaining weight, which wasn’t a good sign for her health. So, Ashley decided to lose extra pounds. She started eating less and doing a lot of exercise. 

Graham did a 180 turn on her old eating habits in order to get lighter. Here are details about Ashley’s diet and workout plans.

Ashley’s Diet Plan

Ashley made some important changes to her diet. One big change was cutting out processed foods, especially fast food.

Additionally, she reduced her alcohol intake. To replace her old unhealthy eating habits, she started incorporating more fruits and vegetables into her meals.

For her protein intake, she opted for lean meats. And every morning, she began her day with a refreshing sip of fresh carrot or orange juice. These changes in her diet helped her achieve her health goals.

Ashley’s Workout Plan

Ashley Graham’s workout routine was a crucial part of her transformation. To get the best results, she enlisted the help of a professional trainer named Dawin Pena. She committed to hitting the gym five days a week, giving herself the weekends to rest.

During her gym sessions, Ashley engaged in a variety of exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, boxing, and cycling, among other cardio workouts. These exercises helped her burn calories and stay fit.

After the intense workout sessions, Ashley found peace of mind by practicing yoga, which was a great way to unwind and relax. This combination of rigorous workouts and calming yoga sessions contributed significantly to her fitness journey.

Breastfeeding was There Too

Besides, Ashley’s diet and workout plans, there was another factor at work as well. After giving birth to her child, Graham was busy doing motherly things. She said that breastfeeding her newborn played a role as well. 

Even though it didn’t do much, it had its part as well. “If you are exclusively breastfeeding, this will help burn off about 300 calories a day“, Graham told the interviewer. 

Before & After Weight Loss

Ashley Graham before after weight loss

Before her weight loss journey, Graham weighed around 230 pounds. However, after putting in the effort, she weighs 200 pounds, while losing 30 pounds along the way. The exciting news is that Graham is still working on her weight loss journey. “I still have to lose 20 pounds”, she told her fans.

Ashley’s Reply to Her Insta Critics

Here’s what Ashley had to say to those who were criticizing her for taking control of her life, “People come on my page and body shame me because I’m too big because I’m too small because I’m not good enough for their standards”.

She further said, “But at the end of the day, I’m satisfied with myself. I’m good enough for my standards”.

Ashley’s Hairfall

Soon after giving birth, Graham’s hair started falling. It had her a lot of worrying. Not only Ashley but her fans were worried as well. However, consulting the doctor calmed her down. The doctor told her that it wasn’t a permanent thing and there wasn’t anything to worry about.

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Final Words

In the end, I just want to appreciate Graham for being what she is. No matter, what kind of criticism she faced, she always stood up for being herself. There is a lot of things to be learned from Ashley’s weight loss journey and her bravery.

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