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Rey Mysterio’s Net Worth Biography and life history

Rey Mysterio is a celebrated sportsperson famous for his high-flying styles in the ring. The wrestler has been working with WWE, and his success has been noted in his winning great matches against established opponents.

Rey Mysterio has an impressive net worth of $10 million as of 2024. The wrestler has been in the ring for decades, explaining how he has managed to make his wealth. Rey Mysterio

He began wrestling as a teenager under his uncle, and within a short time, he mastered the art and started making a name for himself.

Rey Mysterio’s Career

Rey Mysterio began training for wrestling under his uncle as a teenager. With time, he gained the skills and started his career professionally.

Rey joined World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1996. With time, he joined the cruise weight division and created a loved character due to his moves.

During his early years, Rey was forced by the management to unmask. He had to choose to unmask or lose his job. Although unmasked, he took it heavily as it did not respect his legacy. But throughout the years, Rey has continued with his mask, identifying him as a wrestler.

Rey Mysterio has continued making big moves in the wrestling world, enabling him to move to better management. He joined WWE in 2002 and continued using his mask. Moreover, he has continued with his high-end moves, which have made him win various championships.

Rey left WWE for international ventures, but his 2018 return has continued to showcase his skills.

Rey Mysterio Family Life

Besides being a talented sportsman in the ring, Rey is a proud father and husband. He married his wife Angie, and they have an excellent relationship. They have two children.

Rey’s son is also a wrestler who has begun to get into the limelight. Considering that Rey is very skilled, his son is expected to continue with the family legacy that Rey has built for decades.

Rey is known to have invested in real estate, acquiring a fancy home for his family. The wrestler bought his Chula Vista home in California and has been living with his family. The house is valued at $1.08 million, covering $4,000 square feed.

Additionally, the wrestler’s love for fish collection is clear. He owns a fish tank, which includes a collection of tropical fish. Also, he has other precious items like an array of swords and action figures.

Rey Mysterio Controversies

Ray Mysterio has led a quiet life without controversies. But, in 2015, the wrestler was involved in a tragic event. The wrestler witnessed the death of a ringmate, Perro Aguayo Jr, who passed tragically while in a match with Rey Mysterio.

Also, Mysterio has been on the wrong side of wrestling after alleged steroid use. The wrestler faced scrutiny due to the incident, suspending him from WWE. But since then, Rey has had a good game, enabling him to establish his net worth of $10 million.