Smokey Robinson Net Worth: All About His Fortune Smokey Robinson Net Worth: All About His Fortune

Smokey Robinson Net Worth: All About His Fortune

Smokey Robinson is a legendary American singer-songwriter and record executive with a net worth of 150 million dollars. This astonishing figure shows how the artist has been committed to the art of music and making the right financial moves. Smokey has made most of his fortune through his successful career as a music artist and record producer. Besides, he has made much money through various partnerships and investments.

Early Life and Personal Life

Smokey Robinson was born into a poor African-American family. However, his parents always tried their parents to provide for the family. When he was young, one of his uncles used to call him Smokey Joe, and it seems the name stuck even into adulthood. In school, Smokey was above average and did well in athletics, but his major interest was music, which he later started to do full-time.

In his personal life, Smokey Robinson has been involved with several women; he first married Claudette Rogers in 1959, but the couple had a lot of ups and downs. During their marriage, which lasted over 15 years, Smokey had affairs with several women, including actress and singer Diana Ross. After his divorce from Claudette, Smokey married Frances Gladney in 2002, and the two lovebirds have been together since.


Smokey Robinson began his career in the 1950s when he performed with The Miracles. He worked with several record labels, Tamla Records, Brunswick Records and End Records. However, he achieved much success while performing under Tamla Records, which was later renamed Motown Records.

While still working with Motown, he also served in several positions, including the record label’s vice president. He then retired for a year before returning to the music industry as a solo artist. Over the years, he has released several songs and albums that have made it to several charts. Given the number of awards he has received, he is considered one of the best R&B singers and songwriters.

His Lavish Lifestyle

Like any millionaire, Smokey Robinson prefers the lavish lifestyle. The legendary artist never misses out on parties and special events; whenever he shows up, he does so in a classic way. Besides, he often goes on vacations with his beautiful wife, and his luxurious lifestyle always makes it to the headlines.

Furthermore, Smokey Robinson loves cars, and he has several of them. In his car collection, he has a Mercedes, Ferrari, Chevrolet and a Tesla, among other vehicles. Besides, he often upgrades his cars whenever there is a newer model, and as such, we can say that he has spent several millions of money on his fleet of vehicles.

Real Estate Investments

Smokey Robinson has made a lot of money through his investments in real estate. Over the years, the legendary musician has owned several houses, which he later sold at a profit; in the early 2000s, he sold one of his houses in Los Angeles for about 2.3 million dollars. In 2014, Robinson sold another home for about 8 million dollars. He had enlisted the house for 10 million dollars but sold it for 2 million less.