Anthony Davis before after teeth fixed Anthony Davis before after teeth fixed

Anthony Davis Teeth Transformation [Updated]: Before & After

Anthony Davis is an American professional basketball player playing power forward and center positions in the game. No doubt he is a great player and improved a lot. Let’s talk about his appearance. Anthony wasn’t like this always. He used to be a normal guy without many modifications to his body.

Anthony Davis used to have crook teeth. When he was a child his parents didn’t care about his teeth. He used to play sports and sometimes get injured. At an early age, Davis’s upper teeth were also not in a good position. His front upper tooth was bigger than the other teeth around.

When he entered the professional game and started getting some fame. Many of his fans started pointing out his lower teeth which were out of position.

Anthony Davis’s Teeth transformation

Anthony Davis teeth after

Davis was aware of this issue. In the beginning, he didn’t give much attention to this issue. But as he grew more popular, he started considering this issue.

As he was now aware of this and many people were talking about his teeth on social media. He was feeling a little uncomfortable and finally decided to get his teeth fixed by a reputable dentist.

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Anthony Davis Teeth Before and After

Here are some pictures of Anthony Davis’s teeth. You can clearly see the shape of his teeth.

Anthony Davis Teeth before 3
Anthony Davis Teeth before 1
Anthony Davis teeth before 2

Anthony Davis Teeth

Anthony Davis before after teeth fixed

Now, Davis has his teeth fixed and has an amazing smile. He is more attractive than before. Many of his fans appreciated him for the decision about his teeth.

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