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Jeffree Star Teeth Transformation: Cost, Before and After [Updated]

There used to be a time when celebrities had the sole privilege of being able to have a naturally gorgeous and perfect smile, which others could only dream of! However, things are so different now with accessible technology and the latest techniques. With your dentist’s help, you can also get that white-toothed smile like your favorite celebrity.

Jeffree Star has built an already successful brand outside the YouTube sphere with his own cosmetics company.

Jeffree Star Teeth after

Other channels have allowed their fans to get a deeper first-person perspective of the vlogger’s life. His openness in documenting his ups and downs has been appreciated by his audience as well.

Jeffree has been very transparent about what procedures he’s had done and what surgeries he’s still considering, as well as other topics related to his beauty routine such as whether or not to get lip injections.

Jeffree Star Teeth

He has always been open about his plastic surgery journey. It allows people to relate to him and also provides them a glimpse into his life without even having to interview him. His before and after pictures are more eye-catching than most celebrities who only reveal their surgical procedure + “I never looked like this before”.

Jeffree Star Teeth Surgery

Fellow YouTube vlogger Shane Dawson took on an investigative documentary project that revealed many unknown facts about Jeffree Star.

He said, “I’m a lot more self-conscious about it than I am about my weight.”He explained that he had very weak teeth and is the only one in his family with a poor dental record, which he believes came from his mom. She had an awful case in the 80s, but her condition has been slowly improving.

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Now, he has teeth that are made from zirconia crystals. “I got every tooth in my mouth re-done,” he explained. “They shaved them down to little points and put crowns over them, it was really painful but really worth it.”

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Before and After

Jeffree Star Teeth Before After

Jeffree Star went from being an average guy to becoming a highly successful beauty guru, who has over 24 million followers and his own fashion line. He underwent surgery just before achieving his fame, but these photos show that he wasn’t always the mega-famous person he is today.

Jeffree Star Teeth Cost

Currently, there isn’t any source that confirmed the actual cost of the teeth surgery. Some do estimate that it might cost Jeffree 10,000 to 30,000 USD. But Jeffree himself didn’t make any statements about the cost publicly.

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