Marshal Yanda before after weight loss Marshal Yanda before after weight loss

Marshal Yanda Weight Loss [2024]: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Throughout his career of 13 years, Marshal remained the best offensive lineman for his team. Since his draft by the Baltimore Ravens, Yanda has proved his worth by playing first-class football. So, what was the main reason behind Yanda’s absolute success?

Well, it is not much. Marshal is super sensitive when it comes to his health. Right after the end of the NFL 2019 season, Yanda lost about 60 pounds. This huge transformation didn’t go unnoticed. How could it? Yanda was often questioned about his sudden transformation.

When he opened up about the secrets behind his weight loss journey, it wasn’t much to know. Along with his sports career, Yanda has built a simple formula that he used whenever needed to get back on his healthy track. Let’s find out.

Marshal Yanda’s Weight Loss Journey

When faced with a challenge such as weight loss, we fall into a dilemma. Yanda described that dilemma right on the spot.

He said, “There are two words: It’s the ‘want to,‘”, Marshal continued, “If you want to do it, you’ll do it. It’s how bad you want to. People want to talk about it, but at the end of the day, do you really want to? That’s important.

So, with his philosophy, Marshal wanted to do it. Because his increasing weight was affecting his game. Not only his game, but it was also slowing him down. And for an athlete, what could be worse than getting slow? So, he started his weight loss journey.

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How did Marshal Lose Weight?

Marshal Yanda Weight loss

Yanda was having a hard time overcoming his love for food. “Now, the problem is, I eat too much and I’m so damn uncomfortable,” Yanda said in his interview with Hensley. “My stomach is all in knots“.

However, he had to overcome it. So, he determined himself. And in face of his determination, Marshal’s problem couldn’t stand. He emerged victorious at the end and established a diet plan that helped Yanda in losing extra pounds. Not only diet plan, but he also made some big changes to his workout plan.

Marshal’s Diet Plan

To have long-lasting and huge results, Yanda cut down his calorie consumption from 6000 to a whopping 2200 calories per day. Of course, it was very hard and painful at the start but with his determination, Marshal succeeded in getting on the right path. His diet plan went like this:

Breakfast: for breakfast, Yanda would have two eggs and a cup of Greek yogurt daily. In this way, he abstained from consuming high-calorie food and made his muscles stronger.

Lunch: He would often eat 3 to 4 ounces of chicken breast. However, sometimes, Marshal also preferred having green vegetable salad along with a glass of gorge juice.

Dinner: Dinner would often contain some lighter food. Marshal would have protein-rich food.

This was the diet plan that Yanda followed to shed 60 pounds. As you can see, the diet plan is pretty simple and can be followed by anyone.

Workout Plan

Yanda decided to make some changes to his daily routine in order to become healthier. He began spending more time at the gym, where he would engage in continuous workouts for two hours each day.

Additionally, every morning, he started going for long, two-mile runs to kickstart his day on a healthy note.

To add even more variety to his fitness routine, Yanda took up cycling as well. All of these efforts combined had an amazing result: Yanda achieved remarkable weight loss!

Before & After Weight Loss

Marshal Yanda before after weight loss

Yanda’s journey towards a healthier lifestyle has been truly remarkable. Not too long ago, he used to tip the scales at a hefty 300 to 310 pounds. But through dedication and hard work, he has managed to turn things around.

Today, Yanda proudly stands at a much healthier weight of 245 pounds. That’s a remarkable weight loss of 60 pounds, showcasing his determination and commitment to improving his well-being.

It’s truly inspiring to see how making positive changes in one’s life can lead to such impressive results!

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Final Words

Plenty can be said about Yanda’s tremendous weight loss journey, however, I would end the discussion by pointing out his determination and making him an example. He can, not only to his fans but to everyone, be a role model in this respect.

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