Brad Underwood before after weight loss Brad Underwood before after weight loss

Brad Underwood Weight Loss 2024: Before and After

Underwood is a well-known basketball coach. He has helped the Illinois men’s basketball team in achieving a lot of Victories.

However, as of now, Brad is busy with another pursuit. The basketball coach is focusing on his health.

When Covid-19 hit the world, everything was getting shut down. So did sports of every kind. As a result, Underwood had to take his office to his home.

He started working from home. He would do meetings and sessions with his players on Zoom video calls.

With the passage of time, while doing all this work from home, Brad realized that it was the perfect time to focus on his health.

He started the weight loss journey. He had been planning to lose weight for a long time but wasn’t able to find the time for it because of his busy routine.

But as all institutions of the country got closed, Underwood knew that it was the right time to do something for his health and he wouldn’t get another chance. After all, everyone’s health was on the stack as well.

Besides, Underwood’s daughter had given him the challenge to lose weight, which we will discuss later.

So, as a result of all this, Brad embarked on his weight loss journey. He set the target to lose 50 pounds and has lost a considerable amount of weight. Let’s find out how his challenge is going.

Underwood Lost Weight by Walking

“I do Zoom’s while I’m walking, I do all my phone calls,” Brad said, “I do recruiting calls, I call other coaches, I’ve done a clinic while I walk”. During the pandemic, Underwood had to stay at home, like all of us. While staying at home, he worked from home.

Brad also started the procedure of weight loss. He decided to lose weight by walking. After having breakfast with his family, Underwood starts working towards his goal of weight loss. He leaves the home at 8:30 AM and starts jogging.

The basketball coach daily walks for 8 to 12 miles! In this way, he has succeeded in losing 30 pounds.

As mentioned earlier, he does almost all his calls and talks while walking. He walks around his neighborhood. Brad returns home when it’s time for lunch.

Many Basketball players have lost an incredible amount of weight. Some of them are Blake Griffin and Jusuf Nurkic.

What does Brad Eat?

Brad Underwood weight loss journey

Brad has spent most of his life along with athletes. So, he is super considerable about what he consumes and what not.

Nevertheless, Underwood has done some changes to his diet. His main focus is vegetables instead of meat.

Brad’s Daughter Mocked Him

Underwood was mocked by his own daughter because of being obese. Now, of course, she did this act out of love in order to encourage her father to lose some weight. Nevertheless, it was a challenge. A challenge, from a daughter to her father.

“I got a lot of ribbing from my daughter and started showing me some pictures,” Underwood said to the interviewer. He continued, ”I’ve always been a workout guy but after having a knee replacement two years ago, I got out of that habit. I didn’t like how I was feeling”.

But when his daughter challenged him, Underwood decided to change his physique once and for all.

Just like Brad, The New York Yankees’ first baseman, Anthony Rizzo, has also taken full use of quarantine and has lost 25 pounds. A baseball player.

Before & After Weight Loss

Brad Underwood before after weight loss

Before taking the plunge into his transformative weight loss journey, Underwood’s scale read a hefty 268 pounds. It was a challenging starting point, but with unwavering determination and plenty of hard work, he made remarkable progress.

Fast forward to the present, and you’ll find Underwood at a much healthier weight of 234 pounds. His journey isn’t just about numbers; it’s a testament to his resilience and commitment to improving his well-being.

Through sweat, perseverance, and a change in lifestyle, he’s achieved a significant milestone on the path to a healthier and happier life.

Underwood receives a lot of Love

Brad Underwood workouts routine

While walking on the streets, Brad receives a lot of love from his fans who are also his neighbors. “I’ve got a lot of honks and a lot of waves. People jump out of their cars and take photos with me and I love that” Underwood said. While walking, Brad does his work and gives his fans autographs as well.

While walking on the streets, Brad also takes care of SOPs. He keeps a mask with himself and when a fan reaches to talk or to get a photo, he puts on that mask.

Underwood is now with his Family

As a result of quarantine, Brad now spends a lot of time with his family. He said, “We daily have an hour with ourselves. We discuss and dine together. It is very lovely”.


Yes, these times are hard. But try to find positivity as much as you can. Just like Underwood. He knew that the pandemic was going on but he focused on the positive side and changed his health in a positive way.

As everything is getting back to normal, I hope that this pandemic will end soon and we will have our normal life back. Till then, take care of your health.