De'arra Taylor before after weight loss De'arra Taylor before after weight loss

De’arra Taylor Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

In 2014, a girl named De’arra began her journey on YouTube with her ex-fiance, Ken Walker. They teamed up to create a special YouTube channel where they opened up their lives to the world, showing what they did every day.

As their first channel grew popular, they decided to start another one called Vlogs by DK4L. However, in August 2021, they made a sad announcement that they were no longer together.

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De’arra Taylor’s Weight Loss

Taylor started her weight loss journey in 2016 after deciding “I have to get lighter”. She lost 47 pounds by following a strict diet and abstaining from all kinds of unhealthy food and drinks. Besides that, she hit the gym along with her then-boyfriend, Walker. 

They also shot a video, in which both were seen working out in the gym. After lifting weights, doing squats, running on the treadmill, and doing push-ups, exhausted De’arra said, “You guys have no idea, how freaking fast my heart is beating”.

Before & After Weight Loss

De'arra Taylor before after weight loss

Taylor worked hard by exercising regularly and eating well. Now, she weighs 130 pounds, which is much lighter than her old weight of 177 pounds. She’s managed to shed an impressive 47 pounds during her fitness journey.

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Why did Taylor and Walker split?

There is no explanation for why they split from any side. Rumors have that Walker cheated on Taylor, however, no side has said anything about that. One social media user shared a video in which Ken was seen with another woman.

When they separated, their fans worried whether the couple would delete their old videos. It was a heartbreaking moment for fans. Feeling owing an explanation to fans, De’arra wrote on her account:

“We don’t know the future. We don’t know what will happen. We don’t know. Everything is staying up. We aren’t deleting any videos on both our main channel and our vlog channels.”