Ej Johnson before after weight loss Ej Johnson before after weight loss

Ej Johnson Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Surgery, Before and After

Johnson is an American TV personality and socialite. Ej first appeared in E!’s reality show, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

Besides his acting, Ej is famous for his unique fashion style feminine and androgynous. He came out as gay to his family at the age of 17. 

Ej came to the notice of the general public after his photos with his male friend became viral in which both were holding hands. As soon as Johnson became a topic of discussion on the internet, he became self-aware.

At the time, Ej came out in public, he was struggling with his weight. As a new career in acting and fashion was waiting ahead of Johnson, he knew that he must work on his health. At the time, Ej’s weight was slowing him down.

Ej Johnson weight loss

So, he decided to lose weight. At the time, Johnson made this decision, he did not know how to do it. But he was determined to shed unhealthy and extra pounds. So, how did Johnson lose weight?

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Ej Johnson’s Weight Loss Journey

Ej Johnson weight loss

After evaluating different methods of weight loss, Johnson decided to lose weight by undergoing gastric bypass surgery. He underwent the procedure in 2015. In this way, Johnson lost half of his body weight, 180 pounds.

Now, the challenge with weight loss surgery is that the person undergoing such a procedure has to maintain this weight loss. Now, Johnson had to look after his weight and make sure that he doesn’t gain the lost weight again. 

He had to take care of everything from what he ate to what he did. Ej worked on his diet. He established a new routine, which he had now to live by. Here are Ej’s diet and workout plans;

Ej’s Diet Plan

Instead of having 3 big meals on a daily basis just like every person, Johnson eats small meals throughout the day. Speaking of which he said, “For me I just constantly throughout the day I just nibble as opposed to sitting down for large meals.”

Johnson stays away from every food that has processed sugar in it. Besides that, he has also limited meat consumption. Eating organic food is Johnson’s first priority. By maintaining a healthy diet, Johnson has succeeded in keeping his old weight at bay.

Ej’s Workout Plan

As important as following a healthy diet plan is, equally important is exercising daily. Johnson does workouts along with his personal trainer. While explaining his diet, Ej said, I do a lot of Pilates. I try to get at least four days a week in, so it’s a lot of that.”

Along with pilates, Ej burns calories by dancing as well. This is something he loves so much. Here is what Johnson said, “Find a workout that’s something you love to do. For me, it’s not even working out it’s just having fun.” 

He further said, “We dance a lot, we sweat and at the end of it, I’m like, ‘Wow! I burned all these calories and I didn’t even know because we were just having a blast.'”

Besides doing what you love, Ej also highlighted the importance of working out with someone you feel comfortable with. Because “it makes it a lot easier and it gives you a lot of motivation.”

Before & After Weight Loss

Ej Johnson before after weight loss

If we see the timeline of Ej’s weight, it proves how hard has he worked. He went from 360 pounds to 180 pounds, while losing half of his body weight, 180 pounds. Throughout these years, Johnson has managed to keep that extra pounds at bay. It is quite remarkable.

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Final Words

Throughout his career, Johnson has fought the stereotypes of society. In the same way, he fought obesity and in the end succeeded.

Ej’s strength of willpower is a role model for the LGBTQ community. A lot of young people are learning from him and they are making their place just like him.