Kendall Jenner before after weight loss Kendall Jenner before after weight loss

Kendall Jenner Weight Loss: Before and After [2024]

Kendall is an American model, socialite, and media personality. She first began her career at the age of 14 by working in commercial campaigns for different brands. However, the breakthrough in her career came when she appeared in the reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The Kardashian sisters are well-known for their fitness. So is Kendall. When she first appeared in the show, she won millions of hearts with her performance. But her performance wasn’t the only thing that won her millions of fans.

Kendall Jenner weight loss

Jenner’s fitness was also a factor. Her fit and healthy appearance made viewers awe in wonder. Soon after appearing in the reality show, Jenner was receiving messages like, what is the secret behind your perfect body and how do you stay fit?

Well, as mentioned earlier, all Kardashian sisters own healthy bodies. They all have their own ways of maintaining their health. And so Jenner has her own way of life following which she lives a healthy and happy life. Here are the details:

After getting criticized by her parents, Khloe Kardashian started her weight loss journey and got rid of an extra 60 pounds.

How Does Kendall Maintain Her Health?

Kendall has prepared a daily routine. She strictly follows it. Now, that does not mean that you will always find a plate of salad on her dining table with a glass of gorge juice.

Yes, she maintains a healthy diet but a tasty one. Here are some of the important things that Jenner does every day in order to remain healthy: 

1. Start Your Day in a Healthy Manner

If you start your day in a healthy way, there is nothing that can become an obstacle to your goals. Jenner lives by this rule. Where most people start their day with either coffee or milk tea, Kendall starts hers with a cup of green tea along with avocado and a bowl of oatmeal.

However, she doesn’t stop at one cup. Since green tea is very healthy and there is no harm in drinking it, Kendall sometimes drinks 10 cups in a single day. Besides green tea, she also drinks a lot of water in the morning and throughout the day.

She says that this combination helps her in keeping unnecessary hunger away. Which would otherwise cause her to eat without a schedule. She also goes for a long walk of 1 kilometer every morning. The fresh air of the morning helps her in achieving peace of mind while walking helps her in maintaining her physique.

2. Eat Healthy But Tasty

For lunch and dinner, Jenner has made a long list of healthy but tasty foods to choose from. She eats grilled vegetables along with grilled chicken. She also eats chicken fried in olive oil. Yes, you will find a plate of salad on her dining table but along with a portion of lean chicken and brown rice. 

Kendall likes to have soup for dinner on cold nights. She also has a glass of fresh veggies or fruit juice on her table. By having a variety of these tasty foods, she never gets bored. This wide menu helps Kendall maintain her physique while at the same time, experiencing different kinds of tasty foods.

3. Keep Exercising

Staying healthy without exercising is almost impossible. Jenner knows this perfectly, therefore, she does exercise multiple times a day.

Now, there is a misconception about exercise. Whenever the word exercise is mentioned, people think of a person sweating badly in a gym while lifting weights.

There are other fun ways of exercising as well. And Kendall engages in fun types of exercise. Sure, she goes to the gym and lifts weights as well but it is not the only way she exercises. She loves sports and plays tennis with her friends on weekends. 

Besides sports, dancing is also a good form of exercise and a favorite thing of Kendall. She also goes cycling and swimming. In this healthy and fun way, Kendall burns her calories and remains healthy and fit. 

4. Kill the Little Hunger with Snacks

We all feel a little hungry sometimes and Jenner is not an exception. She has a way of fighting it as well. Jenner is a big fan of almonds, peanuts, and cashew. Whenever she feels the urge to have snacks, almonds are the way to go. 

Besides these nuts, Jenner also drinks a glass of fruit juice to kill this hunger. In this way, she gets rid of hunger for a snack while at the same time staying away from overeating. And this is the most tricky part for most of us. And most of us fail here. Whenever we feel a little hungry for something, we snack on fast food. Which makes things worse.

5. Reward Yourself, You’re a Human

We are not machines and we have our cravings. Yes, eating healthy is a good thing but in doing so becoming a tyrant for yourself is not good. Dining with friends and having a bottle of wine or beer is one of the juices of life that make life better.

Kendall has her own moments of joy with friends. On weekends, she loves to have pizza along with a glass of wine and chat with her friends. And for dessert, she chooses frozen yogurt. Of course, the trick is to not make it a routine.

And Jenner takes care of it. Soon after this meal, she reminds herself to go back to her healthy lifestyle until another such moment. See, staying healthy is not that hard after all.

Kendall’s Body Measurement

By following a healthy lifestyle, Jenner has maintained her physique in a very great way. She weighs around 130 pounds (59 kg). And her height is 1.79 m (179 cm). 

Kendall Jenner before after weight loss

Final Words

Sure, staying healthy requires some effort but once you’ve done that effort, it becomes part of your daily routine.

If you are a food lover and have not done much exercise before, it will seem very hard at first but as Kendall Jenner’s story tells us, once you’ve gotten used to it, it becomes a part of your life that you would fall in love with.

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