Gabbie Hanna before after weight loss Gabbie Hanna before after weight loss

Gabbie Hanna Weight Loss 2024: Before and After

Gabbie is an American internet personality, singer, and songwriter. She rose to fame after releasing her debut single, Out Loud, on YouTube and Vine.

Hanna released her debut EP in, 2WayMirror, in 2019. She released her debut album, Trauma Queen, on July 22, 2022. Besides music, Gabbie has also written two poetry books.

There is no doubt that Hanna has always got something new for her fans. Recently, she shocked them with a huge change in her physique. She lost around 25 pounds and completely transformed her physique. So, how did she do that?

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Gabbie Hanna’s Weight Loss Journey

She started her weight loss journey at the start of 2022. Before embarking on the journey, Hanna had to go through a lot of research.

In her YouTube vlog, Gabbie started explaining her journey with a cautionary statement saying:

“Hear me loud and clear, I am not a dietitian. This is what works for me. I am not telling you this is the right way or this is the only way. This is what I have accumulated through the many many years of struggling with weight loss and meeting nutritionists and personal trainers.”

Gabbie said that our bodies are created in an equally different and unique way. What works for her might not work for you.

So, before going into how did she lose weight, I request you to please read the article with an open mind and before incorporating any of Hanna’s habits in your routine, give it a thought.

And I do understand your dilemma too as Hanna said, “The most heartbreaking and frustrating thing when it comes to weight loss is that there are so many different opinions. Some suggest eating 3 meals a day while others say eating 6. It becomes really hard to choose what is best for us.”

How did Hanna Lose Weight?

Let us now turn to the main question of how did Gabbie lose weight. After struggling with finding out what’s best for weight loss, Hanna succeeded in carving out the routine that helped her in living a healthy life. She said that it took her 6 to 7 months to find out what was best for her.

There are so many conflicting opinions on the internet and even among experts. As Hanna said, “Some people say that you should never eat those 7 foods while others say that those 7 foods are essential to your diet.” She advised her fans to take their time in making decisions.

As for herself, after taking some time, Gabbie finally came up with a healthy routine that she followed throughout her weight loss journey. She broke down her daily tasks into different sections and then did them to achieve her desired physique. So, here we go.

1. Eating Breakfast

Gabbie said that breakfast is “by far my favorite food of the day as it gives me energy and joy.” In fact, many nutritionists believe that people who eat a good breakfast end up consuming fewer calories throughout the day than those who don’t. Hanna knew this perfectly.

She said that her favorite breakfast is bacon. Gabbie eats bacon when she is trying to be slim and is also her hangover breakfast. “I eat nitrate-free bacon. I have no idea how important that is because the person who told me about this is my psycho-nutritionist.”

Nitrate-free bacon is bacon that is free from sodium nitrate. Along with eating nitrate-free bacon, Hanna also eats two eggs, half of an avocado, and half of a grapefruit. “People give me a lot of crap just because I eat bacon but it works for me,” she said.

Gabbie said that she doesn’t like turkey bacon or any bacon that is processed to look like meat because that is just a “s*itstorm of chemicals”. She said that the most important thing is food combination. If you eat bacon on toast every morning, it is not very healthy.

2. Use a Calorie-Tracking App

Gabbie said that she uses a calorie-tracing application on her phone that helps her in realizing how much has she eaten. It also helps her in being accountable. She said that “calories are very important but they are not everything”

“What matters the most is what you put in your body,” Hanna said. “A food might contain fewer calories but it can still be very bad for your health for example muffins. However, a food that might contain more calories than muffins but is very good for your health for example banana.”

So, don’t go for unhealthy foods in search of consuming fewer calories. Just remember, calories are very important but they are not everything when it comes to losing weight.

3. Giving Exercising some Time

“I don’t go out for exercising before 2 hours are passed since I ate breakfast,” Gabbie said. You have to give some time to the digestion process. “I don’t want to go to the gym and lift weights just to burn the food I ate. I want to burn fat,” Gabbie said.

So, in clear words, give your body some time to digest your breakfast and then head out for the gym. However, if you haven’t eaten anything and the first thing you want to do after waking up in the morning is exercise, then hit the gym. There can never be a better choice.

Additionally, having tea burn with a cup of tea or coffee alongside your workout can provide an even greater energy and metabolism boost.

So, after giving her digestion system some time, Hanna visits the gym, where she does every kind of workout. From lifting weights to doing squats and from cycling to running on the treadmill. Gabbie works out for an hour on a daily basis.

4. Lunch

After coming from the gym, Gabbie feels exhausted, and to fight that exhaustion and dehydration, watermelon is the way to go. “Whenever I return from the gym, I grab half of a watermelon and eat it. It makes me feel my mouth is hydrated and I feel so energetic,” Gabbie said.

She said that she always keeps ready-to-eat food in her fridge such as boiled eggs, chicken, watermelon, peaches, and pears. Advising her fans, Hanna said in her usual funny way, “As a late-night snacker and notorious drunk eater, this is vital. I can’t tell you how many nights I come home wanting to eat pizza or something cheesy but as it is not in my fridge, I can’t eat it.”

“If you have junk food, throw it away. It will save your life,” Gabby exclaimed. For lunch, she eats lean meat, fruits, and frozen vegetables. Hanna said that frozen vegetables are a life savior for her. 

“I’m not a scientist but as compared to open vegetables, frozen vegetables have their nutritions reserved,” Hanna said. She has been following this diet since she embarked on her weight loss journey and it has rendered her a great service.

5. Dinner

Dinner is something that Gabbie thoroughly enjoys when it comes to eating. She eats lean meat such as turkey, chicken, or fish along with a bowl of green salad, and beans. Along with that, Hanna also eats sweet potatoes “because they make me feel full.”

Whenever she feels like it, Hanna goes out for dinner with her best friends and eats her cheat meals. To avoid over-eating and to kill untimely hunger urges, Gabbie drinks hint water of various flavors.

Some of which are watermelon, peaches, and her favorite, cherry. The best thing about hint water is that it is sweet and at the same, it is free-sugar and free-calorie.

Before & After Weight Loss

Gabbie Hanna before after weight loss

After working hard and facing challenges for several months, Hanna achieved a remarkable transformation in her health and body. She managed to shed 25 pounds during her journey.

Now, Gabbie’s weight stands at approximately 125 pounds, which is a significant change from her previous weight of 150 pounds. This impressive accomplishment shows how dedication and perseverance can lead to a healthier and fitter life.

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Final Words

There is no doubt that if you want to achieve greatness in any aspect of your life, whether it is your career or your health, you have to undergo a procedure.

That procedure might not be pleasant at first. But as you see your desired results, your mind and body will get used to that procedure and healthy routine. Just like Gabbie did.