Mel Rodriguez before after weight loss Mel Rodriguez before after weight loss

Mel Rodriguez Weight Loss 2024: Before and After

Mel is a well-known American actor, famous for his role as Nurse Patsy de la Sarda in the HBO comedy series “Getting On.”

In addition to this, Rodriguez has showcased his acting talent in various other shows such as “The Last Man on Earth,” “On Becoming a God in Central Florida,” and “Better Call Saul.” More recently, he made an appearance in the crime TV series “CSI: Vegas.”

Throughout his career, Mel has often portrayed characters with larger body sizes. However, a recent transformation has left everyone astonished. After departing from “Better Call Saul,” he took a hiatus from appearing on camera.

His return to the spotlight on the red carpet sparked curiosity about how this transformation came about. It turns out that during his break from acting, Mel decided to prioritize his health and embark on a journey to become slimmer. Let’s delve into how he achieved this remarkable change.

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Mel Rodriguez’s Weight Loss Journey

After consulting with his doctor and dietitian, Rodriguez embarked on his weight loss journey. He started cutting down on unhealthy food and included a healthy diet in his menu. Making changes to his long-built habits wasn’t an easy task, but Mel believed in himself and succeeded.

He not only worked on his diet but also on how he spent his whole day. He started exercising and going for walks. I know you want to know in detail and I’m here to tell you in detail. So, without any delay, let’s dive in.

Mel’s Diet Plan

Mel’s dietitian suggested he focus more on a plant-based diet and reduce meat consumption to burn fat. Instead of eating red meat and processed meat, Mel started eating lean meat, which is a great source of protein and doesn’t contain fat. 

By eliminating fat from his diet, Rodriguez not only fastened the process of weight loss but also eliminated the risk of developing heart disease. Along with reducing meat consumption, Mel also kept track of his alcohol intake and reduced it significantly.

Rodriguez drank a lot of water. This helped in two ways: by drinking more water, he ate less and drinking water kept him full of energy during his workout sessions. This healthy diet helped him in achieving a healthy physique. 

Mel’s Workout Plan

Just like his diet plan, Mel’s workout routine was efficient and focused as well. After one hour of eating breakfast, Rodriguez would hit the gym. In the first month of his weight loss journey, he would spend 3 hours in the gym on a daily basis.

However, as he started seeing results and balanced things in his life, Mel reduced the time he spent at the gym. As of now, he works out for one hour in the gym five days a week. Mel lifts weights and does cycling, push-ups, squats, and plank. Not only that, but he also engages in sporting activities.

Before & After Weight Loss

Mel Rodriguez before after weight loss

Mel Rodriguez accomplished an impressive feat by making changes to his lifestyle and habits, resulting in a remarkable weight loss of nearly 80 pounds. Currently, he weighs around 198 pounds, a significant contrast to his previous weight of 280 pounds. This incredible transformation showcases Mel’s dedication and hard work in adopting a healthier lifestyle.

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Final Words

Mel has come a long way, he has proved his worth in acting by playing various characters.

However, by losing weight, he also proved how committed he is to live healthily. To those of you, who want to live a healthy life, Mel is a great example to follow. He didn’t procrastinate or gave it a second thought, Mel just went and did it.