Meghann Fahy before after weight loss Meghann Fahy before after weight loss

Meghann Fahy Weight Loss 2024: Before and After

Meghann is an American actress. She rose to fame after appearing in the Freeform TV series, The Bold Type. Fahy played Sutton Brady in the show. Another breakthrough in her career came when Fahy was cast as Hannah O’Connor for the ABC daytime soap opera, One Life To Live. 

There is no doubt that Fahy is a great and talented actress but that’s not the only reason she is famous. She is also known as one of the fittest actresses. Yes, Meghann is a very healthy and beautiful actress today but things weren’t always this way.

In her 20s, she struggled with losing weight. “When I was younger, I was always the skinniest girl in school, and then when I got to college, all of a sudden, I was the heaviest girl on campus,” Meghann said. As she went to college, Fahy lost track of her healthy diet due to study pressure and her busy life.

Within months of joining the college, Fahy found herself gaining weight more quickly than she could keep track of. The good news, however, is that Fahy succeeded in getting over the unhealthy habits that she built in college and succeeded in shedding 50 pounds.

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Meghann Fahy’s Weight Loss Journey

Meghann embarked on her weight loss in her late 20s. “I yo-yoed for years and years until I hit my late 20s and decided that I wanted to be healthy and happy and not worry about what dress size I was,” she said.

Fahy said that the process at first was “frustrating and boring”. But as she successfully lost weight and started seeing results, she felt confident and satisfied with her struggles. Fahy’s weight loss transformed the way she looked at herself before. It made her confident, strong, and healthy.

How did Meghann Lose Weight?

As Fahy said, “It wasn’t easy”, she lost weight by working hard and sticking to the rules. In fact, Meghann made a list of rules that she followed to lose weight. And she still follows them. Her rules include eating healthy food, exercising, and living a disciplined but happy life. Don’t worry here are the details of Meghann’s rules.

1. Wake-up Early

This is the hardest rule to follow for Fahy as she described herself as “not a morning person”. She sets her alarm for 4:15 am. Yes, you read it right. “It is absolutely necessary for me to set it for 30 minutes before I have to get up. I hit snooze at least three times, then make moves,” Fahy told Women’s Health. [1]

She said that waking up early made her a better person. It also helped her in managing her busy schedule easily. She did all the important work in the morning when Fahy was full of energy and then had a whole chunk of the day to rest and hang out with friends.

2. Drinking A lot of Water

The second rule in Fahy’s list is drinking water. She drinks a lot of water throughout the day. It helps her in keeping her energetic. “I down a massive Yeti water bottle, pre-coffee. Hydrating myself is key. I drink so much more water than I even care to drink because I think that it really really helps me get through the day,” Fahy said.

Not only water helps you in reserving your energy throughout the day, but it is also great for your skin. And it helped Fahy in the same way. Drinking water proved to be helpful in working out as well as in killing the untimely urges of hunger.

3. Eggs are Meghann’s Fuel for Day

Fahy eats a good breakfast. A lot of people aspiring to lose weight make a very big mistake by eliminating breakfast from their diet. Eating a good breakfast not only fills you with energy but also helps you in consuming less food throughout the rest of the day, which results in less calorie consumption. 

“Breakfast is my favorite. When I travel, I search for the best diner to check out. I’m an omelet girl. I put hot sauce on everything,” Fahy said. 

4. Working Out is Essential

Meghann knows that working out is essential for living a healthy life. After waking up early in the morning, Meghann hits the road and goes for a long walk. “I go to Orangetheory or run. I live in Brooklyn, so I run by the water a lot. Heavy breathing and sweat give me clarity. If I can’t, I do a breathing exercise on a fancy meditation app, Calm,” she said.

5. One Podcast is Enough

Our modern world is full of information. And not only information but misinformation as well. So, it is very easy to get lost in this storm. Fahy stays away from such distractions by listening to only one podcast a day. 

As she gets ready for the day, Meghann listens to The New York Times’ The Daily Podcast. She said that it makes all the political information really palatable and accessible “in a way that I think is lovely”.

Before & After Weight Loss

Meghann Fahy before after weight loss

The transformation in Fahy’s appearance is striking when you compare her before and after photos. She managed to shed an impressive 50 pounds by adhering to the rules she mentioned.

Through her efforts, she achieved a remarkable weight of 125 pounds, a significant drop from her previous weight of 175 pounds. This remarkable change highlights the success of Fahy’s journey towards a healthier weight.

Final Words

As Fahy proved, there is no way you will not achieve success by putting in the effort. So, stop procrastinating and take action right now. Just like Fahy did. She is a great example for those aspiring to live healthy lives. You can follow her rules or you can make your own.

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