James Denton Weight Loss: Diet, Before & After Journey [2021]

The Desperate Housewives star, James Denton, has seen some huge upheavals in his physique. Before getting to play Mike Delfino, Denton was struggling with his health.

His weight was somewhat gained and he was worry about it. However, when he received the offer to play the main character in ABC’s comedy-drama James started making some positive changes.

 That positive changes included making a healthy routine and shading unhealthy pounds. When he appeared in the series a lot of people found it hard to recognize him.

In part because of the change in his appearance and in part because he really surprised them. James said, “Before playing Mike I got roles of bad guys but this was the first time that it changed.”

His acting was so good that within a season, Denton won thousands of hearts. What he did to shed pounds is interesting. Here is what we know about it.

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How Denton Lost Weight?

James Denton After weightloss

Before getting that role James was struggling with his habits. He could not control his drinking and pizza was his love.

However, when he got the role, he got a purpose to change. A purpose is to left all the bad habits behind and do some positive work.

In Denton’s own words “I got the scene and spat out the pizza and threw the beer down, went straight to the gym.”

This makes a lot of sense. We don’t take things seriously until there are some responsibilities upon us.

There are very few people who get successful in making a healthy routine but most of us have lack discipline in our daily lives. However, the good news is that it can all be changed just by setting a goal.

James had this goal in his mind, which was “to play this role.” And he meant to avail this opportunity. He indeed availed it.

Playing Mike in Desperate Housewives was a breakthrough for James. He gave up on junk food. And he also avoided drinking.

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How is Denton Now?

Well, if you have not seen James in a long time you might not even recognize him now. He has changed a lot.

In this period of 9 years, the actor seems to be gotten old. As for his physical fitness, he is not as fit as he was 9 years old.

However, he is lucky as his wife is his personal trainer. So yeah he does not have to worry much about getting back in shape.

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Then & Now

James Denton Before and after weightloss

The photographs tell it all. You can notice the difference in his appearance. It is the fact that we all have to get old.

James wasn’t comfortable being shirtless

Even though James looked great in the show. Nevertheless, he was not comfortable while doing the scenes in which he had to do without a shirt.

Denton described the situation as “No, I was never okay with being shirtless. I spent most of my career playing bad guys until Housewives.”

He further said “Don’t get me wrong, I was happy being there but it was uncomfortable. That shirtless shot in the front yard follows me forever.


At the moment James is living with his two sons and his wife, Erin O’Brien. He may not be in good shape right now.

But he is working on his appearance along with his personal trainer wife. We must remember that times change but we have to hold this together.

If things are not going in our favor then we must not give up. We must fight it back. That is the only way we can bring positive changes in our lives.

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