Nathan Fillion before and after weight loss Nathan Fillion before and after weight loss

Nathan Fillion Weight Loss [2024]: Before & After

Nathan Fillion and PJ Haarsma joined forces to create a special organization. It’s a bit like when your favorite superheroes come together to save the day and make the world a better place. Now, let’s talk about Nathan Fillion’s incredible transformation – it’s just as impressive as a superhero donning a new, cool costume!

Nathan Fillion worked incredibly hard to shed a significant amount of weight, and the results are truly remarkable. He now looks more handsome and healthier with his brand-new appearance. It’s almost like when a superhero gets a fantastic new costume that makes them even more powerful and confident.

Just like our beloved heroes in the comics, Nathan’s transformation is a shining example of dedication and determination, showing us all that we can achieve amazing things with hard work and perseverance.

Weight Loss Journey

Nathan Weight Loss Journey

An actor has to play different roles. However, there seem to be multiple reasons for his body transformation. Some of his fans suggest that Fillion lost weight for the second season of “The Rookie”[1]. True as it may be but the facts do not tell that this is the whole story.

When he was asked about his body transformation in an interview, the actor said “There was something that was bothering me”.

In case if you are worried about that something don’t be. Because Fillion has overcome those events and has changed himself in a very healthy way. Probably those things were about his health.

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It seems that Fillion was trying to improve his shape by eliminating some pounds. That is what he did. The Rookie actor has lost a great deal of weight. When he appeared in the trailer of “The Rookie” season 2 his fans got shocked.

How did Nathan lose weight?

The second most important question must be, how he did do that? Of course, when someone burns some fat the question raised should be, what he did do to get where he is today? As it appears, Nathan Fillion took the help of his trainer.

He received advice from his trainer on what to eat and what to not. How to exercise etc. The actor has followed a healthy diet and workout plan. That we will explain later.

Indeed, avoiding healthy stuff is very good for your health. It may seem hard and punish yourself for not eating fast food. However, these feelings would only stay in the short term. In the long term, it would be a great experience. Why not try this once?

Diet Plan

Nathan usually doesn’t like being strict about eating, most of us don’t. Nevertheless, he followed the instructions of the trainer. Because he knew that restricting himself from junk food was what’s gonna help him. And it did. In a very great way.

Nathan avoided eating dairy products. He also tried to go vegan. But it did not turn out to be a good idea, as staying away from chicken is not easy.

Fillion eats a lot of fruits. Sometimes only fruits are what he takes for lunch or dinner. He also drinks the juice of fresh fruits. And believe me, it is much more tasty and healthy than soft drinks. Which we think is cool to drink.

Nathan’s diet plan was more casual. However, it worked very well for him. The main reason Fillion succeeded in losing pounds was he successfully restricted himself from reaching out for his phone and ordering some junk food.

Discipline is very important in our lives. We think it restricts our freedom but discipline is what makes us free. It makes us free to pursue our dreams. It sets us free to thrive.

Workout Plan

Fillion’s approach to workouts was simple. He visited the gym every day. He took a walk every morning. Nathan still follows his workout plan daily. But now he visits the gym 3 days per week.

The actor lifts weights and goes cycling in the gym. He also practices boxing. Fillion said about walking that “I love running in the fresh air of morning”. This is what is all known about Nathan Fillion’s workout.

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How much weight has Nathan lost?

Nathan has lost 50 pounds through his diet and workout. Which by no means is a lesser achievement. As the saying goes, “increasing weight is the easiest work on earth, but losing weight is the hardest one”.

Fans’ thoughts on Nathan’s transformation

When Fillion appeared with a new look in the trailer of “The Rookie”. His fans started giving their theories. Some loved the new look calling Nathan, “handsome and charming”.

Others criticized him saying “you looked great before why did you even consider that?”. This is what makes fans great for a celebrity. They care about you in their own way.

Some even questioned, “Is Nathan sick?”. Whether you believe that Nathan did a good thing or not, you must accept that cutting some pounds was a necessary step for him. And it is good for him that he took that step.

Early Life

Nathan was born on 27th March 1971. He is a Canadian-American actor. He was born to Robert Fillion and June Early. He has an older brother. Nathan Fillion’s parents are teachers. He was raised in a very education-friendly environment.

He went to Holy Trinity Catholic High School [2]. Fillion spent his childhood and early years of adulthood in Canada. He became a citizen of the US when he was 26 years old, in 1997. For higher education, Fillion attended the University of Alberta. Where he played on different occasions. He also joined the Kappa Alpha Society.

Nathan started his acting career in 1994. He played in the soap opera, One Life to Live. His acting was mind-blowing on the set. He was later nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series.

Fillion has played in many films and series. His voice is as famous as his acting. He has voiced for the Jade Empire video game. However, his most famous voice-over is for DC’s Green Lantern.

He has voiced Green Lantern in various animated series including Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, The Death of Superman, and Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.

Nathan also does a lot of charity work. He loves reading books and wants to spread this good habit. For the encouragement of children to read, Fillion founded a charity organization named, Kids Need to Read [3].

Before & After Weight Loss

Nathan Fillion before and after weight loss

In case you are wondering how Fillion has transformed himself. Here is the photo of old and new Nathan Fillion. Though don’t worry about the look on new Fillion’s face. It is just because he is acting ;).


So, this was the whole story about Nathan Fillion’s weight loss. One can get great inspiration from Fillion’s story. How he took the right decision and transformed his body.

If you are thinking about when to start your weight loss journey. Don’t wait for some motivation. Now is the right time.

Remember, motivation always comes from some action. Not from a YouTube motivational video. Act now and live a healthy life.